In the Strength & Conditioning world we sometimes refer to movements that challenge us as our “goat”.  Sorry goats, I’m not sure what you ever did to deserve all the bad press – “scapegoat”, “got your goat”, “man, Pistol Squats are totally my goat”, or that all of us hipsters with hair on our chin call it a “goatee”.  Maybe it’s because you have those creepy eyes and beard that […]

Hold on to your seats, gang, Coach Chris is getting a little esoteric today.  I’ll do my best to keep it real and applicable, yet this may be new terrain for you or something you have never really considered before, which may make it a little more far out than what you are accustomed to reading, especially on a Strength & Conditioning blog.  So, sit back in your full lotus […]

There will be one class held on July 4th, which will go down at 8:30am.  In celebration of Independence Day, we thought it fitting to do a CrossFit “Hero” WOD so join us as we honor US Navy SEAL, Lt. Michael Murphy with the workout, “Murph”.  This is the workout: For time: Run X 1 mile Pull Ups X 100 Push Ups X 200 Air Squat X 300 Run X 1 mile […]

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Happy GORUCK’ing, Y’all!

Several of our CCS&C /CrossFit Brownsburg Crew are doing the GORUCK Challenge tonight.  Have fun, everyone and do us proud!

From the Horses Mouth…

Several people, both members of CCS&C and those not currently a part of our community, have asked me why I decided to become and CrossFit Affiliate and what that means to CCS&C, our members, and our future.  So, rather than let the rumor mill have it’s way, I thought it best for everyone who is interested to hear it straight from me. I started doing CrossFit in 2008 and in […]

Box Jumps: A CCS&C Perspective

Box Jumps have long been a staple at Circle City Strength & Conditioning, though unlike the current trend of overusing high rep Box Jumps we have generally favored lower rep Box Jumps and using them more for power development rather than metabolic conditioning.  On occasion we do program them to challenge or test our training, we look at these workouts as “game day” and they only show up a handful […]

The Skill of Running – Presented by Circle City Strength & Conditioning

Join us at Circle City Strength & Conditioning on Sunday, March 24, as Coach Chris presents his running clinic, “The Skill of Running”.  Chris has offered this clinic several times over the past 4 years and has helped dozens of runners to improve their performance and experience of running. To get the Early Bird discount, click HERE! Just like learning to perform an Olympic Weightlifting movement, swinging a golf club or tennis racket, […]

Dylan’s Success Story Featured At Whole9

By following the advice of Circle City owner and coach, Chris Roche, along with the nutritional advice from Whole9, Dylan Roche has recently transformed his life. Today his story is featured on the Whole9 blog. Check out the full story here Interested in how Circle City can help you transform your life? Click on the “Getting Started” tab to learn more. Or visit us at our upcoming Guest Day on […]

4 Rounds of: Mr. Spectacular X 10 @ 35#/20# Double Kettlebell Swing X 15 Weighted Sit Up X 10 @ 45#/25# Mobility Complex X 1 round 1 Round of the Mobility Complex = Yoga Squat Add mobility X 5 each side.  Go with the range of motion you can.  Work on tapping your knee to your opposite foot! Duck Walk X 5 steps Frog Pose Back to Yoga Squat Forward […]