23 Dec 14

Skill Session:  15:00 Handstand Practice.  Practice various progressions to work into a Handstand hold against the wall.  Advanced athletes can practice free standing Handstands.


4 Rounds (not for time):

  • Double Under X 50
  • Windmill X 5 each side @ heaviest possible

This is a pretty short Conditioning session, on the heels of yesterday’s “12 Days of Christmas” WOD.  The challenge here is to work on the skill of unbroken DU’s, and then maintain a sense of calm and focus while using as much weight as possible on a technical “grind” lift – the Windmill.


3 rounds of:

  • Plank Walk Up X 5 rounds – maintain a strong midline throughout, i.e. no sagging at the shoulders or hips!
  • Hip Raise aka “Toes to Sky” X 15 – don’t “thrust” on these.  It’s a controlled hip raise.
  • Pigeon Lunge X :30 each side

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