17 Dec 14


15:00 of “Jerk Werk”.  This is not an opportunity to shoot for a 1RM, especially if you attended class on Monday and Tuesday.  The point is to work on good technique and speed, so keep it light < 75% of your 1RM would be ideal.  Focus on sets of 1 – 3 reps per set.  Rest as needed.

Midline/Mobility:  This is also a mindfulness practice (as all training sessions should be), so take your time, there is no hurry.  Pay close attention to your breathing and posture on all movements (and in between movements).  Pay close attention to the quality of your mind as well…

3 rounds of:

  • Kettlebell Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift (think “Warrior 3″ from yoga) X 5 each leg – go light and focus on perfect posture and balance.
  • Med Ball Russian Twist X 10 each side @ 20#/14# – go slow and emphasize form not speed
  • Inchworm w/out Push Up (be sure to arch/backbend at the top!) X 5
  • Pigeon Lunge X :30 each side
  • Seated Forward Fold X :30
  • Cobra Stretch X 5 deep slow breaths.

Any remaining time may be spent on additional mobility work as needed.  Not sure?  Ask your coach!

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