16 Dec 14

Conditioning: “300”

This workout has become rather famous, or infamous as the case may be, and for good reason. Some of you have done this workout with us in the past, or maybe you have heard of this workout.  What you may not be aware of its origins or connection to the film, “300”. There is a lot of myth out there on the interweb, so to get the truth, click HERE and check out this article written by Mark Twight, the guy who created the workout.

One very important point in the article is that this workout was used as a “test”, not as a regular part of the actors conditioning. The point being we should only apply intense workouts such as the “300” with rarity. Too often CrossFitter’s have the mindset, as my dad puts it: “Some is good. More is better. Too much is just right”. Nothing could be further from the truth when your goal is to get stronger, leaner, and fitter. But, that is a post for another time.

So, remember, this is a test, not something you should be able to crush or conquer. If you don’t finish it, no worries, many others have failed to finish it as well. If you have to scale it, good for you, next time maybe you will Rx it. Just do your best, and don’t attach to the outcome.

For time:

  • Strict Pull Up X 25
  • Deadlift X 50 @ 135#/95#
  • Push Up X 50
  • Box Jump (CCS&C) X 50 @ 24”/20”
  • Floor Wiper (25 each side) X 50 @ 135#/95#
  • Kettlebell Clean and Press (KB touches the deck on every rep) X 50 @ 35#/20#
  • Strict Pull Up X 25
  • Total reps = 300
  • 30:00 time cap strictly enforced!

Mobility: Barbell Quad Smash X 4:00 each side.

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