05 Dec 14

Hey Gang!  You made it.  For many of you, today wraps up a 9 week Olympic Weightlifting cycle.  For others, it will wrap up at Saturday’s Barbell Club session.  While some of you may not have “enjoyed” this training as much as our typical programming, I do appreciate the efforts you have put forth and the consistency that many of you demonstrated.  One thing is for certain (and Coach Lori confirmed this for me at the gym Thursday night), is that those who have devoted their time and attention to this training ARE moving better than ever before.  I, in turn, can assure you that this training will bear fruit for you in the future.  Well done!  Now, go high five each other, your coaches, and yourself!  Coach Chris


Muscle Snatch X 3 @ 75%, 2 X 3 @ 80%

3 Position Clean (floor, knee, mid-thigh) 2 sets @ 70%, 2 sets @ 75%

Front Squat 4 X 4 @ 80%

Remainder of time will be spent as “Open Gym”.  Work on skills, mobility issues, or…. drumrolll…. Circle City Vikings may row!  Now, play nice and share the rowers.  If everyone wants to play, make it fun.  Make it a partner row and everyone benefits!!

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