04 Dec 14

Two Person Partner Row:

2K Row for time, switching every 500 meters.  This is for time, so push the pace on this one.  Circle City Vikings, be sure to use your card and just zero out the computer each time before you row and remember to remove you card each time you stop rowing.  Wouldn’t want you to get any extra meters from your partner :)

If there happens to be an odd number of people on your team, just add an additional 1K to the required total and crank it because you get more rest!

Conditioning:  In today’s conditioning, I want you to treat this ALMOST as an active recovery workout.  Meaning, I don’t want you to push hard.  Instead, move mindfully, take your time, listen to your body, rest as needed.

4 rounds of:

  • Kettlebell Complex @ 53#/35#:
    • 1 Arm Swing X 5
    • 1 Arm Clean X 5
    • Snatch X 5
    • repeat other side
  • Bear Crawl X 20 strides each arm/leg
  • Deck Squat X 10

Mobility:  Foot smashing with lacrosse ball X 4:00 each foot.  Check out THIS video to learn exactly what’s up with the foot smash…

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