Skill: Handstand Push Up and progressions X 15:00.

4 rounds of:  Work at no more than 80% of max effort.  The theme this week is, “less is more”.  Do this by focusing on quality rather than intensity or quantity.  Do this and the challenge will find you.

  • Sandbag Burpee Clean & Press X 8 @ 60#/40#
  • Strict Pull Up or Chin Up X 8
  • Cauldron + Lunge X 8 each side @ you call it
  • Standing Wall Slide X 8 – go slow and be mindful

3 rounds of:

  • Shoulder Sweep Complex X 5 of each movement (knee on med ball)
  • Hip Swivel X 5 each leg
  • “HUG” Hip Mobility Drill X 1 each side.  Hold each position for approximately :15
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