24 Nov 14

The home stretch begins.  We have been on an Olympic Weightlifting biased cycle for 7 weeks now, with only 2 weeks remaining.  Once we complete this cycle, we will be back to business as usual.


Power Snatch + Snatch:  4 sets @ 75%

Jerk (from the rack): 3 x 3 @ 83%

Clean Pull:  3 X 5 @ 95% of Clean 1RM.  Rest only 1:00 between sets.

Back Squat:  2 X 5 @ 80%, X 3 @ 85%

Mobility: Barbell Calf Smash X 4:00 each side.  Be sure to scour the entire area in 4:00, don’t hang out in one place too long.  Be sure to roll your leg internally and externally to get all the gnarly bits.

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