05 Nov 14


Ring Dip and progression practice  X15:00.  If you have Ring Dips and Kipping Ring Dips, spend this time working on the Muscle Up and progressions.

Conditioning (with a side of mobility):

3 rounds of:

  • Turkish Get Up X 5 each side @ moderate/challenging.  Rest as needed during the set; doesn’t have to be unbroken
  • “Shoot Through” Burpee X 5.  We haven’t done these in a loooooong time.  Click HERE for a video demo from our friends over at Bodytribe.  The demo starts at 3:10 and is referred as the “Stealth Kick Through Burpee”.  The key here is to move mindfully and emphasize engaging your midline, quality movements and flow.
  • Jump Rope, single under X 150
  • Cossack Squat X 10 each side.  You know the drill – low and slow
  • Rest as needed.  There should be nothing rushed or hurried about this combo

Any remaining time should be spent on mobility addressing your “issues in your tissues”.  Ask your coach if you are not sure.

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