Paleo Workshop with Coach D

What is Paleo?
What can I eat?
What can’t I eat?
But I thought whole grains were heart healthy?
What is the Whole30?

Join us on Sunday, September 14 from 1:30 – 4:30 and get all these questions answered and more!

So often we overlook the importance that nutrition plays; not only in regards to our performance in thy gym, but also in our everyday life. By eliminating problematic food groups and allowing your body to reset itself, you will begin to get rid of the afternoon energy dips, headaches, body aches and see improvement in your all around energy levels, workouts and sleep. Once you truly understand that “you are what you eat”, your eyes will be opened to what is really on our grocery store shelves and why diabetes and obesity are rampant in our country.

Whether you are new to the gym and this is your first time hearing about Paleo, or you are a seasoned veteran who has started down this road before, I encourage you to come with an open mind and questions in hand. We will give you the tools you will need to complete the CCS&C Whole30 that will begin on October 1st.

Topics that will be discussed:
The general premise of Paleo
Guideline of what you can/can’t eat
How different types of food affect your body
The Whole30 program
How to shop Paleo and not go broke
Recipe ideas/cooking tips
How to reintroduce food groups after your Whole30 is complete
This workshop is open to the public, not just CCS&C members, so feel free to invite anyone you know who could benefit from this information (everyone!).

Tuition = $30

Please send your RSVP to Coach Danielle by emailing [email protected]

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