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For the first time ever, CCSC will offer a seminar that will teach you the exact nutrition principles of the twelve week holistic wellness program, Bridging the Wellness Gap ( Normally, this information is only presented to formal students of BTWG or private clients, but we continue to see a “gap” among people in our gym who are struggling with implementing the Whole9 program and we understand that often people have greater challenges with nutrition and need more guidance.

Developed by CCSC founder and Head Coach, Chris Roche, ten years ago, BTWG teaches an approach to nutrition that gives you the tools you need and the insights necessary to make a lifestyle change that will help you find your optimal level of health, fitness, and well-being.

Here is an excerpt from the BTWG manual to give you an idea of the philosophy and approach to nutrition in BTWG:

“I want you to think of diet in terms of eating for health, fitness, and well-being, rather than weight loss or to achieve a particular look or physique. If we eat accurately, achieving an ideal body fat level and good health are simply by-products of doing the right thing. We should perceive our meal time as a vital part of our existence and a sacred experience rather than an event filled with anxiety, over excitement, attachment, or aversion. For some this may be a paradigm shift that will take time and effort to embrace, yet I’m confident that by following the dietary principles of this program, and being open to growth, you can embrace a healthy relationship with eating.

I want you to begin to view ”nutrition’ as more than just the fuel you put into your body and begin to look at nutrition from a broader perspective. Nutrition includes all that you ‘feed’ your body, your mind, AND your spirit.”

This seminar is less focused on what you can and cannot eat (though we will touch on that), and is centered on solid, basic, natural methods for learning how to eat and nourish yourself.

Topics will include:
-Keeping it real
-Keeping it simple = No Excuses
-Diet is a four letter word
-Nutrition 24/7
-Distorted perceptions
-Moderation is not the key
-Outcomes that don’t suck
-Learning and applying the “Hunger/Satisfied Scale” – a REALLY important tool for those who struggle with over eating or under eating
-You are “where” you eat – mindful eating and your environment
-Physical Hunger vs Emotional Eating – learn to recognize the difference as well as techniques to overcome emotional eating
-Reduce, Minimize, Eliminate – a progressive approach to getting rid of nutritional habits that may not be serving you
-The “90 % Rule”
In addition to discussion on the above topics, there will be plenty of interaction where you can ask questions and have your needs address.

When: Sunday, August 3rd 2:00 – 5:00pm

Instructor: Chris Roche, Founder and Head Coach of Circle City Strength & Conditioning/CrossFit Brownsburg

Tuition: $40. Payable at the seminar

Registration: Pre-registration is not required however please email [email protected] to let him know that you will be attending.

As a bonus, we will be giving everyone who attends a copy of the “Nutrition” chapter from the BTWG training manual, something we have never offered in the past! This chapter of the manual covers everything we will discuss in the seminar, and more! It also includes a “Suggested Foods List”. This list doesn’t tell you that some foods are off limits, it is simply a guide to help you make the most optimal food choices and to know where to get started.

Okay, one more bonus… why not?!?!
Join us for this seminar and Coach Chris will throw in one week of nutrition guidance at no additional charge. Maintain a food journal for one week and he will review it and offer feedback! This is a HUGE help in learning what you are doing well and where you may need to make some changes.

This seminar is open to the public, not just CCSC/CFB members, so feel free to share this information with your friends, post it to social media, and share as you like! You could change your life and the lives of others as well!

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