Warm Up: Roxanne Burpees.Click HERE for a video demo. Conditioning:  Partner work… WOD #1: AMRAP in 4:00 of – Thrusters @ 95#/65#.  Max reps are 5 at a time.  You can do less than 5 but no more than 5 before passing the bar on to your partner.  Bar doesn’t touch the deck during the AMRAP.  If the bar touches the deck, teammates must stop and do 5 Burpees before […]

Strength: Snatch – 15:00 to work up to a heavy single for the day. Strength/Corrective: Superset X 5 rounds: Windmill X 3 each side @ heaviest possible.  If you are newer to this movement or not able to use a weight that challenges you, perform 5 each side.  Take plenty of rest between sides and sets. Seated Wall Slide X 10 Mobility:  Pec Smash with large green ball or lax […]

30 July 14

Strength:  In our strength session today we focus on some auxiliary work.  Look for more of this coming in our programming as we near the end of summer (crazy to think that is the case!) Superset X 3 rounds: A)  Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat (rear foot on weight bench or plyo box of appropriate height) 10 each leg @ moderate and manageable (you are welcome, Reanna!!!).  Click HERE for demo […]

29 July 14

Strength: Strict Press 5 X 3 @ heaviest possible.  Rest approximately 2:00 between efforts. Conditioning: 21, 15, 9 reps for time of: Front Squat @ 155#/110# Double Under X 50 This means you perform 21 Front Squat, then 50 DU’s, then 15 Front Squat, 50 DU’s, etc. Mobility/Corrective: 3 rounds of: Shoulder Sweep Complex w/ Knee on Med Ball Y, T, L X 5 @ 5#/2.5# Eagle Arms stretch X […]

Strength:  Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat 5 X 1 + 2 @ heaviest possible.  This means you perform 1 Snatch Balance followed by 2 OHS.  Rest approximately 2:00 between efforts. Conditioning: 3 rounds of: Deadlift X 8 @ 225#/155# Bar Facing Burpee X 6 (yes, the Burpee Monday trend continues!!) Run X 400 meters Midline/Corrective: 3 rounds not for time: Med Ball Sit Up x 15 @ 20#/14# Med Ball […]

Barbell Club: Let’s put all this squat work we’ve done to good use: PR SATURDAY 20:00 to 1RM Snatch 20:00 to 1RM Clean + Jerk   This past weekend’s USA Weightlifting National Championships lived up to the hype. In the most anticipated session, the Men’s 94kg class, the American snatch record was broken 3 times. There were so many people watching, that the online video stream was continuously crashing. Dimitry […]

25 July 14

NOTE:  The 5:30pm class will be an Open Gym format so feel free to do the posted WOD, or do a WOD from earlier in the week, skills, whatever you need to address. Warm Up: 10 frames of “Rowling”!  Designated distance is 100 meters.  For those who were not at our Festivus event, here are the rules: Rowling (Distance) Rowling is a rowing competition (game) that uses a similar format […]

Active Recovery Day or Open Gym if you have missed training this week.  This means you can come in and do a light workout, mobilize, row, walk/hike, stretch, etc.  Yoga at 6:45 would be ideal! Use this time to pick your coaches brain and work on your skills or your Goat.  Take advantage of the active recover and open gym time! Friday will be a relatively light day with a […]

Conditioning:   WOD credit goes to SEALFIT, but you can thank Coach Brian for submitting the idea. For Time: Clean & Jerk x 100 @ 115#/75# EMOM 5 Burpees When the time starts, start doing Clean & Jerks, and every minute, stop and do 5 Burpees.  Scale loads as appropriate.  In the spirit of teamwork that we emphasized on Monday and Tuesday, if you finish ahead of others be sure to […]

Conditioning:  The partner WOD continues… teams of 2 once again. For time: Tabata 1 mile.  YOU MUST COME TO A COMPLETE STANDSTILL DURING THE :10 REST PHASE! Box Jump X 40 @ 20″ (20 each) Wall Ball X 40 @ 20#/14# (20 each) Kettlebell Swing (Overhead) X 40 (20 each) @ 53#/35# Knees to Elbows X 40 (20 each) Mobility:  Coaches choice!