Weekend Wrap Up

NOTE: I started writing this post on Monday, since then, my predictions have proven accurate as we now have Coach Lori in the women’s 300# Deadlift club and several of our men (myself included – yeah!) are in the 400# Deadlift club. We also have more people signing up for future races and competitions. Way to go, Team!

Now – on to the post…

Dear Crew,

WOW!  What a weekend CCS&C/CrossFit Brownsburg had and I’m certain it has changed our community forever (in a good way!).  I really don’t even know where to begin and I fear I may forget something or leave something out and I hope to keep this fairly brief. So, I will do my best to offer an overview and any of you who competed this weekend can send me your own testimony that I can share with the rest of the group.

Sharon was the “lone wolf” from our gym who was able to register for the GLOC (Gorgeous Ladies of CrossFit) competition before it sold out. The event was hosted at CrossFit Carmel.

Sharon was a great representative and not only kicked butt, she nailed a new PR on her Deadlift.  She really had the toughest event of the weekend because she didn’t have a coach with her nor any team mates.  Way to go Sharon!

Sharon - cranking out the Kettlbell Snatches!

Sharon – cranking out the Kettlbell Snatches!

Fierce Ladies of CrossFit:
Since the GLOC sold out so fast, CrossFit Joco in Franklin Indiana hosted an event with the exact same workouts as the GLOC so 5 of our ladies signed up – Deanna, Jill, Stacy, Bailee, and Coach Jenna.

Jenna finished 9th overall and Jill finished 16th ovreall.  Fantastic results for their first ever competition.  Well done everyone! All of our athletes established new Deadlift PR’s. Jill and Jenna set new gym Deadlift records by pulling an amazing 300# each.

All of our athletes surpassed what they expected and did a fantastic job. Way to kick ass ladies!

I want to thank the Coaching staff for being so awesome.  Without the coaches, none of this stuff could go down as well as it does so we all owe them a huge “thanks” for helping us be the community we are.

Our “Fierce” girls celebrating a pair of 300# Deadlifts!!

Spartan Sprint:

A team of 15 of us toed the start line of the Indiana Spartan Sprint obstacle course race. The race covered around 4.5 miles with a promoted “15 obstacles”, though I didn’t count how many there actually were.

The race was fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend you join us next year. There were several challenging obstacles that included everything from crawling through serious muck to trail running, vaulting over walls and even a spear throw. Everyone on the team really kicked butt and had a fantastic time!

Most of the team from last weekends Spartan Sprint race. John Farmer is not pictured. I think he was ahead of us even before the start :)

Coaches Insight:

I have to take a moment and reflect on the weekend from a “WODFather” point of view.  You see, this weekend we had athletes participating in two vastly different realms of fitness testing, yet between both events virtually every component of fitness was tested and ALL kicked butt to the degree I would have expected!  The CrossFit competitions tested raw strength (1 rep max Clean + Strict Press and 1RM Deadlift), metabolic capacity with several MetCon WODs’ and some work capacity/stamina as well (WOD #1 included 75 Wall Balls, 2000 meter row, Sandbag run w/60# bag for 600 meters, plus another 600 meters with no sandbag).  The Spartan race tested endurance – most of our athletes finished between 2 hours and 2 hours fifty minutes.  It also tested other ranges of fitness ability and skill with events such as a spear throw, technical trail runs, rope climb (with a wet and muddy rope), various wall climbs, wall traverse, crawling, monkey bars, sandbag carry, dragging, and even heavy tire flips!

When I take a look at the results from a Head Coach perspective and the one responsible for programming the WOD’s at the gym, I am beyond satisfied with the results from this weekend and believe it is a testimony to the awesomeness that we have going on at our gym. When it comes to programming, my top goal is safety and quality first.  My second goal is to help our community be fit within a multitude of disciplines which extend across a broad range of time domains and energy systems.  That is coach mumbo-jumbo for

“I want you to be really fit in a bunch of different ways and I want you to be able to be really good at a bunch of different things.”

I would say that all the athletes who tested their fitness this weekend proved our programming is successful at achieving these goals and we are heading is a great direction.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page and check out all the pictures from the weekend – https://www.facebook.com/CircleCitySC.

Thanks to Coach Brian for all the pix from Fierce, Sharon for the pix from GLOC, and Kenny for some pix from the Spartan race.  I shot the rest of the pix from the Spartan race with the gyms GoPro camera.  If you have pix from the event, feel free to forward them to Coach Lori who can use them on our social media sites! [email protected]

In Strength,


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