Respect the Rx

“I Rx’d that! But here’s what I changed.”

In CrossFit speak, just like the medical world, “Rx” means “as prescribed”. If you do any modification to a WOD, be it weight, reps, time, form or movement pattern, then you are no longer doing the workout “Rx’d”. On any given day it’s expected that up to 95% of our athletes will be performing the WOD with some type of modification – thus not falling under the Rx category.

We often see something similar to this on the board: “Jared 15:23 – Rx, blue band”. Reading this we know Jared did the weight that was prescribed in the WOD however as soon as he put his foot in that blue band he was no longer doing the workout under the qualifications of “Rx”. Instead Jared should simply write “Jared 15:23 – blue band”. That tells us coaches what we need to know, because we do pay attention to what and how many modifications are being made, while still respecting the definition of Rx.

Basically it boils down to don’t rush to use the phrase Rx. It requires a great deal of time, practice, and strength to earn it. We’re proud of the hard work that is put in to every workout by all of our athletes. However we don’t want to misrepresent the dedication and effort that it takes to honestly make it through a WOD “as prescribed”.

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