What Happens When The Honeymoon Is Over?

Usually when you first start out in CrossFit, success is measured in the form of a PR. The most victorious of days! You are a warrior, ready to rip heads off of beasts and leave ruin in your wake. Drunk with new found power, surely these good days will never end. Maybe you ride that tide of a new PR’s for a few months, hit after hit keeps coming. Five pounds to your Press, twenty to your Deadlift. You got double unders and a rope climb all in the same day. Bam! You are neck deep in the honeymoon phase of CrossFit and it is fantastic. How did you not know about this sooner? You were made for CrossFit and every sentence starts with “yesterday at CrossFit”.

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335 pounds of victory. Or is it?

And then that dark, cursed day arrives. Sometimes it’s an entire lousy week or month. You didn’t get enough sleep, you had to travel for work, your kid is sick, etc, etc, etc. Clean and Jerk? Ha! Fifty pounds under your PR seems like Atlas himself is riding your back. You trip over every fifth double under. Maybe it’s the rope? And if the coach hadn’t programmed those stupid jump squats, maybe you could still use your legs to walk upstairs. Where’s the victory now? Where’s your PR? CrossFit is awful. The thought of quitting creeps in. You’re achy, and none of your friends workout like this. You comb through articles on the internet about the cons of CrossFit. “I’ll finish out this month and then cancel my membership.” settles in your mind.

The honeymoon is over. And your relationship with CrossFit is about to become even more amazing if you’ll just let it.

That initial victory is fast and easy. And let’s face it, we love fast and easy. Automatic garage door openers, drive-thru lanes, instant information at the touch of a finger on our smart phones, all fast, easy and very much part of our culture. But why the glorification of fast and easy? Maybe you won’t hit another PR for seven months. If we told you every time you walk in to Circle City, it’s going to be a struggle, is that a bad thing? Or is there worth in the struggle? See there’s the crux. We can’t successfully adapt unless we struggle. Now you’re hitting the real value of CrossFit. Adaptation, in our case through the forms of improved speed, strength, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, stamina, power, flexibility and accuracy, can only occur when you push your current boundaries. And pushing those boundaries means you have to be willing to fail and you have to be willing to do it over and over and over. Easy has no place in success.

Great. So I have to fail over and over? And I get to pay for it? Worst pep talk ever!

Yes you have to fail. Yes you have to be vulnerable. Most important though is you have to be willing to expand your definition of success. While you’re hungry for that next PR, what’s going on in your life? Are you waking up easier in the morning? Chasing around the kids more? Eating healthy suddenly seems normal. You’re yoga squat got called out in class as an example of squat perfection. You ran a 5k and took five minutes off your time. Bam! You’re neck deep in a successful relationship with CrossFit and it is fantastic!

But I have no new PR’s to write in my weightlifting journal.

They’ll come. In the mean time you’re PRing at life. And that’s the real payoff of CrossFit.

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