01 Apr 14

We will be repeating the CrossFit Open Qualifier – 14.5 to give everyone a chance to improve their time from Monday…. April Fool!!! I figured I better clear that up or no one would come in Tuesday. Strength: Snatch – 15:00 to work up to a heavy single.  This can be a Snatch (for more experienced lifters), a Power Snatch or a Hang Power Snatch. Conditioning: AMRAP in 12:00 of: […]

31 Mar 14

CrossFit Games Open Qualifier 14.5 For time: 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 reps of: Thrusters @ 95#/65# Bar Facing Burpee This is a MASSIVE WOD for most, so I HIGHLY encourage scaling this by starting at “18” rather than 21.  There will be a 30:00 time cap for anyone not doing the CF Open. Be sure to watch this video before doing 14.5! Top 3 Things to Make […]

29 Mar 14 – Barbell Club

Barbell Club: If you’re doing Open workout 14.5 on Saturday, you may want to take it easy on these, but sometimes I find that going heavy before I do a movement with a bunch of lighter weights can help me get warmed-up. 1) 15:00 to 1RM Full Clean Thruster 2) 5×2 2-Stop Clean Pull (1″, Knees) 3) 3×3 Pause Front Squat Dmitry Klokov does a 190kg (419lb) thruster.

28 Mar 14

Strength: Turkish Get Up 5 X 1 each side @ heaviest possible, working up to a 1 rep max attempt. Conditioning: Partner work: “You go, I go”.  This means that while 1 person is doing work the other is “resting”.  You then switch positions for a total of 3 sets each.  Rest only if you must between couplets, keep moving as best you can. Couplet 1 X 3 rounds: Kettlebell […]

Strength & Conditioning: 5 rounds of: On the even minute (starting at zero) – Deadlift X 5 @ 275#/205# On the odd minute – Burpee X 10 Cash Out: “Bring Sally Up” – Back Squat @ 135#/95# – feel free to scale this, depending on how you are feeling.  I would rather you scale and get through the entire workout, than to go Rx’d and have to sit out rounds […]

26 March 14

Skill: 15:00 – 20:00 Pistol practice. Work the progressions! Conditioning: 5 rounds of: Strict Chin Up X 10 Strict Push Up X 20 Pistol X 5 each leg Rest X 1:00 Midline/Mobility: 3 rounds of: Windmill X 5 each side @ heaviest possible Pigeon Lunge X 1:00 each leg

Conditioning: CrossFit Hero WOD “Jack”.  Please click HERE to learn more about the hero this WOD honors. AMRAP in 20:00 of: Push Press X 10 @ 115#/75# Kettlebell Swing (overhead) X 10 @ 53#/35# Box Jump X 10 @ 24″/20″ Mobility:   Couch Stretch X 3:00 each leg.  Feel free to do additional work of your choice, but if you did 14.4, you need to do this for a MINIMUM of […]

CrossFit Games Open Qualifier WOD – 14.4 AMRAP in 14:00 of: Row X 60 calories Toes to Bar X 50 Wall Ball X 40 @ 20# and 10′ target/14# and 9′ target Clean X 30 @ 135#/95# Muscle Up X 20 Scaling options: Everyone row X 60 calories Newer athletes should do Knees to Elbows, Hanging Leg Raises, or Lying Reverse Crunch if they cannot do Toes to Bar.  Everyone […]

22 Mar 14 – Barbell Club

Barbell Club: 1) 15:00 to heavy 2-Position Clean (Knees, Floor) 2A) 3×3 Split without Jerk 2B) 3×3 Jerk Dip 3) Work to Heavy Jerk (from Rack) CJ Cummings snatching 113kg (249lb) at a bodyweight of 62kg (137lbs). Oh, I forgot, he’s 13 years old…

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