“Wal-Mart Theory” with Coach D

Recently I was reminded by one of our athletes about the “Wal-Mart theory”.  I’m not bashing Wal-mart as it could just as easily be Target or Kroger.  Basically, the theory states that as you look around Wal-mart, you will see more dysfunction that you can shake your head at.  And I’m only talking about the physical: poor posture and mobility, obesity, etc.  I won’t even begin to discuss the things people wear (banana suits – seriously!) and say when they are at Wal-Mart :) The majority of people there don’t appear to be pushing their own carts.  Instead, they seem to be using their carts to support themselves or to hobble behind.

My guess is that if our athlete was to look into the grocery cart of the woman that she saw, it would very quickly explain the dysfunction.  Processed-this and artificially flavored-that.  “All-natural” foods loaded with tons of “all-natural” sugar and the all important low-fat freezer meals.  Was there anything real among all the nutrient devoid “food”?

I’m a huge fan of paleo nutrition and have seen many positive effects of eating this way on myself and my family.  However, I do understand that it isn’t for everyone.  Whether you are paleo, vegetarian, vegan or a combo of it all (I don’t think that is even possible), no one has ever conducted a study that concluded that eating real food was harmful to your health.

Ultimately, it is our choice.  We make the final decision on what we eat and whether or not we get to the gym.  Sure, there are tons of legitimate excuses that we can throw out, but at the end of the day, each one of us decides for ourselves whether or not we will make the good choices.  Life is crazy and time is short; I get that.  The shelves at the store are stocked with boxes and cans that promise that your dinner can be ready in 5 minutes.  But is it worth it?  Ultimately, you are what you eat.  Would you rather be made up of something real or words you can’t pronounce?

Our athlete said that it served as a reminder to her that what we do at CCS&C is fun.  Sure, sometimes you hurt, you rip your hands or you are too sore to sit down on the toilet (just being real here), but in the end, isn’t it fun?  Plus we get to use our new found strength and flexibility in all areas of our life.  We pick up bags of dog food and throw it over our shoulder without a second thought.  We load dozens of bags of mulch into our cars and smile to ourselves when we turn down the stock boy’s offer to help.  We run with our kids at the park instead of just sitting on the bench.  When we are thrown a big project at work, we aren’t as rattled because we know how to handle stress (Thank you, Fran!).  We are not afraid to live life because of what our training at CCS&C has taught us.

In the end, our health is up to us.  Start out making one more good choice today than you did yesterday and then try to make more good choices than bad next week.  It’s not always easy, but it helps knowing you will have a wonderfully supportive community behind you.  And if all else fails, remind yourself that you don’t want to be part of the “Wal-Mart” theory.

Coach D

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