Day 5, Still Alive?

This message is specifically for those doing the Whole Life Challenge ( ), yet I find it is helpful information for anyone who is getting active and cleaning up their diet.  Enjoy!
Welcome to Day 5.  How are we doing so far?  Threatened to kill anyone yet?  Let’s hope not.  While changing habits, behaviors and… dare I say… addictions isn’t easy, in the big picture, it’s really not that hard.  Giving up your creamer, sodas, diet drinks, processed foods, grains, and alcohol is challenging and you may very well feel grumpy and edgy for a few days.  Trust me, it will pass.  As our friends from the Whole9 say – giving up this stuff isn’t hard, kicking heroin is hard.  You can do this!
Dude, where’s my energy?
If you are feeling like you have zero energy this week, this is part of the process for many doing the challenge and this too shall pass.  If you were consuming sugar and grains before the challenge, your body was used to having an abundance of quick energy.  When you eliminate these things from your diet, your body feels like it is lacking energy because that quick source of fuel is no longer present.  So, now what?  Just be patient.  For most, this passes within the first week, others perhaps a little longer.  Soon, your body will begin to efficiently convert fat into a source of energy – yippee!! – which means you will be running off of sustained energy, AND lose unwanted fat – double yippee!!
Some of you are also in a state of cleansing and detoxification, as you eliminate processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and lower quality foods from your diet, you are beginning to eliminate toxins at the cellular level as well as from the gut and your bowels.  Signs of this may include headaches, change in bowel function (frequency, texture, smell, etc), flu-like symptoms, fatigue, irritability, and even skin rashes, blemishes and acne.  Awesome, right?  This is just your body doing what it needs to do in order to get rid of crud that has accumulated in your body, bloodstream, and cells.  If you are feeling a little under the weather this week, it is a normal part of the process.So, if you are struggling in these first few days, just have a big ole cup of “suck it up” for breakfast this morning and ride it out.  Trust me, it is well worth it and you will soon have an abundance of energy and feel awesome.
Quickie Workout Idea:
If you find yourself in a pinch to get in your ten minutes (minimum) of exercise, here is a quick workout idea that Jody and I did last night.  Yeah, I know, you would think that owning a gym would give me ample opportunity to exercise, but there are some days it just doesn’t happen due to my schedule, family obligations and such.  So, here is what we did:
Every minute, on the minute, for 10:00:

  • Push Ups X 10
  • Sit Ups X 10
  • Rest the remainder of the minute

While it doesn’t sound like much, it was a decent workout and it included two of the movements that we will be retesting at the end of the challenge.  It wasn’t a brutal workout, but it did the trick and we followed it up with ten minutes of mobility.  Oh, and did I mention we did this at 9:30 at night?  See, you can make it happen and the benefits are awesome!  Give this one a shot next time you need a workout idea and you are a little pressed for time.  Be sure to scale down the number of reps you are doing if you don’t have at least a few seconds to rest after the Sit Ups, maybe shoot for 7 of each instead of 10.  Enjoy!

Be Well,


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