26 Sept 13


5 rounds, not for time.  Focus on quality today!

  • Shoot Through Burpee X 5.  Check out Tav at around 3:14 for the version we are doing.  Each rep contains 3 Push Ups, beginners/intermediates do only 1 or 2 Push Ups:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqRkfgXOPck.  The key is to be mindful and flow with this.  Mobility and stability are super key as well, so if you don’t have either/or, scale the movement.  If it’s turning into a hot mess, do less!  Hey, I think I should trademark that…
  • Kettlebell Snatch X 7 each arm, heaviest possible
  • Strict Toes to Bar X 9
  • Recovery jog or walk X 100 meters


3 rounds of:

  • Shoulder Sweep Complex w/lacrosse ball on rhomboids (the space between your shoulder blade and spine – explore around with this and perhaps move the ball to a slightly different area each round until you find any gnarly areas that need some lovin’) X 5 of each of the movements.
  • Hip Swivel X 10 each leg
  • Reclined Twist X 5 breaths each side
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