01 Oct 13


Strict Pull Up 5 X max effort.  These are strict, absolutely no kipping.  If you have to kip, end the set.  Rest 1:00 between efforts.  If you use assist, use as little as necessary and shoot for 8 – 10 rep range.

Ring Dip 5 X max effort.  You can kip on this movement if necessary.  If you do not have Ring Dips (then this should be on your “Goat” list), dip off of the boxes or do “Bench Dips” for 5 X 10 reps.


3 Rounds for time:

  • Inverted Burpee X 10
  • Double Under X 50 (150 singles)


  • Pec smash using the large green ball, or LAX ball, whichever works best for you X 3:00 each side, minimum!  Be sure to hit the anterior (front) head of the shoulder as well as the pec area.  Mobilize/move your arm in a sweeping fashion if possible.  Enjoy!  Oh, and breeeeaaath while you are doing this, please.
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