Hell Week Alternative WOD Deadlift X 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3 Then… Tabata Kettlebell Snatches X 8 rounds @ 53#/35#. Alternate arm each round. Rest 2:00 Tabata Double Under X 8 rounds Rest 2:00 Tabata Sit Up X 8 rounds Mobility X 10:00 of your choice

Hell Week alternative WOD. Partner Row Ladder: For total distance row – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 strokes each. “Elizabeth” – 21, 15, 9 reps for time of: Clean @ 135# (this can be a Power Clean, does not require a full squat) Ring Dip – subs include: Feet on the ground for self assist @ double the number of reps.  Or, box dips @ double […]

This past weekend, thousands of people tuned in to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN… I don’t know, how many versions are they up to now, 20?  to view coverage of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games where they crowned the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on the Planet. Additionally, people from all over this giant spinning ball we call “Earth” viewed the action via the internet.  Over the course of several days, […]

Hell Week Continues… Alternative WOD: Strict Pull Up 5 X 5.  Add weight if possible.  If you normally use a band, use as little as possible. Then, 4 rounds for time of: Thruster X 10 @ 95#/65# Sumo Deadlift High Pull X 10 @ same load Double Under X 30 or Tuck Jump X 30 Mobility of choice X 10:00

For those not participating in the Hell Week session or attending the 6:30pm class… Sandbag Get Up X 10:00.  Rest as needed.  Start light or with a med ball and work up in weight as appropriate. AMRAP in 20:00 of: Burpee X 10 Double Kettlebell or Dumbbell Push Press X 15 @ 35#/20# Sandbag run X 200 meters Finish with 10:00 mobility work of your choice.

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time of: Kettlebell Snatch X 10 each arm @ 53#/35# Handstand Push Up X 5 Run X 400 meters Mobility: 3 rounds of: Squat to Kneeling X 10.  Here is a demo video, except come all the way to standing on each rep.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9SLTv7P-hc Hip Swivel X 10 each leg Shoulder Sweep Complex w/ Lacrosse ball on the Rhomboids (muscles between shoulder blades and spine).  Perform […]

5 rounds, not for time of: Bent Sit to Lateral Half Kneeling X 5 each side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_1sNZU6BU0#action=share Bear Crawl X 25 meters Sandbag Shoulder Carry X 100 meters + Balance Beam walk X 32′ Tire Flip X 5 @ largest tire you can manage.  Feel free to partner up and tackle the big tire! Rope Climb Rest as needed on this combo.  Be truly mindful of your movements and focus […]

Strength:  Snatch.  Find your 1 rep max.  Be sure to record your results and email them to me: [email protected] Conditioning: AMRAP in 15:00 of: Walk Walk Up w/ Hand Release Push Up X 5 1 Arm Kettlebell Farmers Carry X 100 meters @ 53#/35# (heavier if you like!)

Conditioning:  Tabata the following X 8 rounds each for total reps – Push Press @ 75#/45# 10 meter Shuttle Run (each 10 meters = 1 rep) 1 Arm Kettlebell Swing (hard style) @ 53#/35#.  Alternate hands each cycle – :20 work with one hand, rest :10, :20 work with other hand, etc Sit Up Mobility:  Hips with large green ball X 7:00 per hip

Strength: Find your 1 rep max Clean and Jerk.  Be sure to record your results! Conditioning: For time:  10 rounds of “Cindy” (15:00 time cap) Pull Up X 5 Push Up X 10 Air Squat X 15 Mobility: Spend 10:00 working on an area of your choice.  This can include use of lacrosse balls, band joint distraction, flossing, or joint mobility flows or stretches.