Clean & Jerk:  5 X 2 @ 65% of 1RM – this load should allow you to REALLY dial in your form and technique.  Work the progressions if the full Clean ain’t happenin’ yet.  Be patient and work with your coaches. Then, 4 rounds of: Bear Crawl X length of gym – slow and mindful, not for speed/time Weighted Sit Up X 15 @ 45#/25# Weighted Bridge w/plate resting on […]

From the Horses Mouth…

Several people, both members of CCS&C and those not currently a part of our community, have asked me why I decided to become and CrossFit Affiliate and what that means to CCS&C, our members, and our future.  So, rather than let the rumor mill have it’s way, I thought it best for everyone who is interested to hear it straight from me. I started doing CrossFit in 2008 and in […]

WOD – 5 rounds of: Run 400 meters – max effort each round Rest 2:00 between efforts Record your time for each round Core/Mid-line – Then 3 rounds of: Rings L-Sit Hold X max effort hold, minimum :15, otherwise scale down.  If you cannot do this on the rings, you may do them with plyo boxes, or hang from the Pull Up bar.  Beginners/Intermediate may also do a tuck rather […]

Warm up to include RKC Arm Bar X 10:00 @ you call it.  Remember – this is a corrective/mobility exercise, not an AMRAP   Go slow, hang out at the end range of motion and rest a little between efforts. 4 rounds, not for time of: Sandbag Get Up X 5 (total, not each side) Sandbag Carry (any technique) X 100 meters @ 60#/40# Strict Push Up X 10 with […]

CrossFit Benchmark WOD – “Fran” For time – 21, 15, 9 reps of: Thruster @ 95#/65# Pull Up

Your choice today! If you missed “Angie” yesterday, feel free to make it up today so you can post a benchmark time. Pull Up X 100 Push Up X 100 Sit Up X 100 Air Squat X 100 Option 2:  4 Rounds of: Heavy Tire Flip X 5, X 10 if using a lighter tire Kettlebell Swing (Hard Style) X 15 @ 53#/35# Cossack Squat X 10 each side Then, […]

CrossFit benchmark workout – “Angie” For time, complete all the reps before moving on to the next movement: Pull Up X 100 Push Up X 100 Sit Up X 100 Air Squat X 100 This is a benchmark workout, so be sure to record your time – be sure to note any scaling for future reference. Finish with 15:00 of mobility work of our choice.  Work on your gnarly bits, […]

Snatch Complex X 7 rounds:  Heaviest possible on all rounds.  We are drilling form and progressions of the movement so awesome technique is crucial.  Never sacrifice form and technique for heavier loads.  “Practice makes permanent!” Snatch Pull Hang Power Snatch Snatch Balance Snatch Rest X 2:00, longer if needed Add weight if possible after each round Finish with 3 rounds of: Good Morning X 5 Weighted Sit Up X 10 […]

Strict Press:  5 X 2, heaviest possible on all sets.  Rest 2:00 between efforts.  Focus on staying braced, tight, and solid through the mid-line.  Do not sacrifice good position to move more weight.  No hip drive.  No knee bend.  Just good ole fashion pressing. Then, 3 rounds for time of: Double Under X 50 Burpees X 20 Knees to Elbows X 10 Finish with 10:00 of mobility of your choice […]

Warm Up:  Sandbag Get Up X 10:00 @ load of your choice.  You are welcome to start light and work up in weight as you see fit. 5 rounds for time of: Deadift X 9 @ 225#/135# Box Jump X 7 @ 24″/20″ (CCS&C standards) Ring Dip X 5 3 rounds of: Windmill X 5 each side @ you call it Inchworm (no Push Up) X 5 Hold bottom squat […]