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Several people, both members of CCS&C and those not currently a part of our community, have asked me why I decided to become and CrossFit Affiliate and what that means to CCS&C, our members, and our future.  So, rather than let the rumor mill have it’s way, I thought it best for everyone who is interested to hear it straight from me.

I started doing CrossFit in 2008 and in 2009 followed both the CrossFit main site programming ( ) and CrossFit Endurance programming ( ) to help me prepare for some ultramarathons.  Rather than jump on the new CF craze without first testing it or sitting on the sidelines bashing CF, as so many of my peers chose to do, I thought it best to learn through direct personal experience so I followed the programming for over a year solid.  I then got my CF Level 1 Trainers cert in September of 2009 and started offering classes based on my own training approach and the CF methodologies.  If you want to hear the rest of the story, please go to the “ About ” page.

As I recently shared with someone who inquired about my decision – “I loved CF when I started doing it in 2008 and I loved the community. I did struggle with the direction CFHQ took when the emphasis on the games blew up, the Reebok thing, the blow ups with Robb Wolf, Greg Everett etc. the exodus of a lot of the OG CrossFitters, and the fact that the main site programming changed. I think many who were in CF before it became so popular struggled with the changes. I had gone back and forth on affiliating since starting in 2009 (the beginning of our gym). I actually applied (to be an affiliate) and was approved about 18 months ago but decided it wasn’t the right time. With the right team in place, which I now have, along with their support and input, the time was right so I made the decision to go for it. I don’t love everything about CF but I’m proud to have been a part of it the past 5 years and to be an affiliate.”
As the gym owner, I really weighed my options for the future of CCS&C and the vision I have for our community.  I didn’t take the decision lightly and I sought the counsel of people I respect, both in and out of the fitness community.  I talked it over with my CCS&C team and my wife.  As in any decision, there were plenty of pros and cons.  There are plenty of CF haters out there (mostly out of ignorance, insecurity, bruised egos or profit/self gain) and when you align yourself with CF, you get both the good and the bad that comes with it.  However, I feel that over the past four years we have built a solid reputation as a quality Strength & Conditioning gym and we have an incredible community of like-minded people who are hard working and driven, yet they are also kind, compassionate, supportive, welcoming, and flat out awesome people.  That is who we are and that is how our CrossFit program will be as well.  We are still Circle City Strength & Conditioning and we are not limited or constrained to any one thing or any one program.  CrossFit is simply one of the many programs we offer alongside our Barbell Club, Movement and Mobility/Yoga, CrossPit, Bridging the Wellness Gap, our upcoming Endurance Club and more.
So, what does being a CrossFit Affiliate mean for CCS&C and our Athletes?  Absolutely nothing changes other than we can now refer to our gym as a CrossFit Affiliate and call our “Group Conditioning” classes “CrossFit”.  Our programming will not change, other than to grow and evolve as our knowledge and experience grows.  Our class format will only change to the degree that we continue to refine and perfect it.  Our community will not change, that’s for sure.  The heart and soul of CCS&C will not change because that is made up of all of you, the CCS&C Coaches, and me.  We are still very much an independent gym, as that is what CrossFit supports and encourages.HOWEVER, what it DOES change is that our gym and each of our members is now connected to the global CrossFit Tribe.  You are now a part of the vast CrossFit community that shares the same language and the same love for what we do.  Each affiliate has it’s own vibe, it’s own culture, and may be run in different ways and that is what makes CF pretty awesome.  We can be who we are and do things how we feel are best for our gym and our community.  There are other great perks as well, but that is the real meat of it all.

If ANYONE, CCS&C member, or not, has any questions or feedback, I’m 100% open to talking about CrossFit Brownsburg.  So, feel free to email me or call at 317-213-0182.
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  1. Thanks Chris for caring enough to give us the details of your , “Why”. And most
    Of all for sharing your passion with all of us!!

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