Box Jumps: A CCS&C Perspective

Box Jumps have long been a staple at Circle City Strength & Conditioning, though unlike the current trend of overusing high rep Box Jumps we have generally favored lower rep Box Jumps and using them more for power development rather than metabolic conditioning.  On occasion we do program them to challenge or test our training, we look at these workouts as “game day” and they only show up a handful […]

5 Rounds for time of: Run X 200 meters Power Snatch X 10 @ 95#/65# OHS X 10 @ same load Then, 4 rounds of: Inchworm w no push up X 5 Hip Swivel X 5 each side (video link: Scarecrow X 5 @ 2.5#

Strength: Strict Pull Up 5 X 5. Add weight if possible. Then 12:00 AMRAP of: Push Up X 20 Kettlebell Swing X 15 @ 53#/35# Ring Row X 10 Finish with 3 rounds of: Y, T, L X 5 @ 2.5# Feet together Yoga Squat X 1:00 – may need to hold onto a Kettlebell to hold this position. Pigeon X :30 each side

Wednesday’s workout is brought to you by Coach K-Dub.  Enjoy! Deadlift:  5 x 5 @ 75% of 1RM, rest 2:00 between sets. Good mornings 5 x 5 challenging weight with perfect form, rest 1:00-2:00 between sets 9 min AMRAP Inverted Burpee x 10 Double Unders x 25

Sorry this didn’t post properly earlier today.  I’m still learning the new site and posting the workouts.  Here is what we did today: For time: 3 rounds of – 7 Thrusters @ 115#/75# 7 Pull Ups 3 rounds of – 5 Thrusters 5 Pull Ups 3 rounds of 3 Thrusters 3 Pull Ups

Endurance/Durability 30:00 of steady work: Sandbag Get Up X 5 (total) @ 60#/40# (heavier if you like)  Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder Press X 5 each side Kettlebell Floor Press X 10 each arm @ 53#/35#  Cauldron + Lunge X 5 each direction add 25#/10# plate – keep your arms straight throughout

Skill:  Ring Dip progressions Start with Hollow Rock on the ground, this is your position when at full extension on the rings Hold top position on the rings.  Work on holding for up to :15.  Take plenty of rest between sets. If you can successfully hold the top position, practice slowly lowering. Dip progression with feet on the floor or toes on a plyo box Kipping Dip Dip Rest, then… […]

Clean Practice. Spend time warming up and practicing progressions. Hang Power, Power, Hang Squat Clean, Full Clean. Every Minute on the Minute X 7 minutes: Clean (full) + 2 Front Squats @ 80% of Clean 1RM – those who can’t full clean’s should do Hang Power or Power + 3 Front Squats. Rounds in 7:00 of: Sit Up X 20 Wall Ball X 15

Snatch Practice. Spend time warming up and practicing progressions. Hang Power, Power, Snatch Balance, Full Snatch. Every Minute on the Minute X 7 minutes: Snatch (full) + 2 Overhead Squats @ 80% of Snatch 1RM – those who can’t full snatch should do Hang Power or Power + 3 OHS. Then 2 rounds for time of: – Double Kettlebell Swing X 15 @ 53#/35# – Double Kettlebell Farmers Carry X […]

Strength:  Strict Press X 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2 – Work up to approximately 80% – 85% of 1RM on final 2 sets.  These are strict presses, so keep the loads reasonable enough to allow strict form.  No leaning back, arching, extending the spine, or using hip drive. Then… For time – 21, 15, 9 reps of: Kettlebell Swing @ 53#/35#, advanced go overhead, everyone else go Hard Style.  […]