Strength: Kettlebell Goblet Squat 5 X 10.  Rest approximately 2:00 between sets.  Feeling too easy?  Grab “The Beast” (106#)! Weighted Strict Pull Up 3 X 5, heavy as you can go.  Use the vest or use a belt w/ a Kettlebell.  If you do not have the capacity for strict pull ups, use a band with only enough assist to keep you moving Then, 3 rounds of: Kettlebell Swing (Hard […]

MovNat Weekend at CCS&C

This past weekend, Circle City Strength & Conditioning was host to the MovNat Power and Agility weekend and Trainer Certification weekend.  It was truly an honor to host such a rare event and the first MovNat Certification offered in Indiana.  While MovNat has been around for several years and CCS&C has integrated the practice of MovNat since we opened our doors in 2009, getting the first hand instruction from MovNat […]

Snatch Complex X  5 rounds: Hang Power Snatch Power Snatch Snatch Balance Snatch Repeat the entire cycle Rest X 2:00, more if needed Moderate loads.  We are working on technique, so maintain exceptional form throughout and really work on solid movement and speed. 3 rounds, not for time.  Use a single Kettlebell for this combo and keep it on the lighter side: Goblet Squat.  Hold the bottom squat and do […]

Strength/Skill:  Lift and Carry odd objects.  Sandbags, Heavy Bags, Rocks, Atlas Stones.  ‘ Then, 4 rounds of: Sandbag Burpee + Clean X 5 Sandbag Push Press X 5 Sandbag Run/Walk X 100 meters Mobility work pre and post workout.

Classes this Morning

The 9:30am class is still on for this morning.  Additionally, there will be an 11:00am – 12:00pm Open Gym hour for those who need to come in a little later.  The 5:30pm class is on, as scheduled.  Join us, yet be safe!

Skill Work:  Jump Rope X 10:00.  Work on singles.  Single leg.  Alternating leg.  Double Unders.  Crossovers.  Be creative. 3 Round of for time of: Hang Power Clean X 5 @ 135#/95# Box Jump X 7 Push Up X 9 Rest 3:00, then… For time – 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, reps of: Double Under Sit Up

MovNat and Weekend Schedule

I couldn’t be more excited to host this weekends MovNat “Power and Agility” and Level 1 Trainer certification weekend.  The first time I heard of MovNat was at least 4 years ago when my friend Corbin Baird sent me a YouTube video.  Since then, I have studied the practice as best one can from videos and the internet and have integrated it into our programming as I see it best […]

Deadlift 3 X 5 @ 75% of 1RM, resting 2:00 between sets Pendlay Row 3 X 5 @ moderate load with solid form and posture, resting 2:00 between sets Then… 3 Rounds of: Double Kettelbell Front Squat X 5 @ 53#/35# Double Kettlebell Push Press @ same load Double Kettlebell Swing X 10 @ same load Double Kettlebell Farmers Carry X 2 length of the gym @ same load Rest […]

After the warm up, do 3 rounds of the following flow.  This is a FLOW and not for time.  Emphasis is on quality movements, smooth transitions, and mindfulness of movement.  Intensity should be low to moderate, so don’t rush and take rest as you need to. 3 Rounds of flow: Downdog into Scorpion (wrap your leg around and may progress into a backbend) X 3 each side.  Don’t stay in […]

Jerk (Split or Push, your call) 5 X 3 @ 70% of 1RM.  Limit rest to 1:00 between rounds.  If you do not have a 1RM, challenge yourself, yet these should be done with fantastic form.  Newer athletes just practice the movement and don’t worry about intensity. Then… 5 Rounds for time of: Power Clean X 7 @ 135#/95# L Sit Pull Up (or Chin Up grip, your call) X […]