Bench Press 5 X 5 Then… Rounds in 12:00 of: Lateral Kettlebell Swing X 10 each side @ you call it with the weight used Handstand Hold X :30 – more advanced, practice taking one hand off the deck at a time Run X 100 meters Finish with mobility and tennis ball “lovin” for the glutes/hips

Power Snatch Practice – work singles with emphasis on form over loads moved. Freely explore progressions such as Hang Power Snatches. If you are feeling recovered enough, play with Snatch Balances, Hang Squat Snatch as well. Have fun with the practice! Mobility/Yoga to follow…

5 Rounds, not for time: Kettlebell Deck Squat X 10 @ 35#/20# Kettlebell Swing X 15 @ same load Kettlebell Sotts Press in Yoga Squat X 10 @ same load Rest X 1:00 Then… 3 Rounds of: Cauldron X 10 each direction Kettlebell Halo in Yoga Squat X 10 each direction Cossack Squat X 10 each side

Back Squat 5 X 3 Then… 3 Rounds of: – Madonna x 5 each direction – Deck squat x 10 – Inch worm x 5 – Yoga squat x 10 breaths – Down dog x 10 breaths

For time: Run X 800 meters, then 3 rounds of – Pull Up X 10 – Clean and Jerk X 10 @ 135#/95# – Box Jump X 10 – Mobility Burpee X 10 After 3 rounds, finish with 1 Arm Farmers Carry X 400 @ 53#35# kettlebell Mobility/yoga to follow

5 Rounds of: Run X 800 meters Rest X 2:00 Keep all run times within :15 or perform a 20 Burpee penalty at the end. Rest, then… 3 Rounds of: – Strict Toes to Bar X 5 – Box Hamstring “Curls” X 15 – Hollow Rock X :30 Mobility/yoga to follow

Class are on normal schedule Monday through Wednesday.  No classes on Thursday. Join us Friday for our annual “Black Friday” workout.  This year promises to be a “Battle Royale” that you don’t want to miss.  To heck with full contact shopping and blowing money that could go to better use – spend that time and energy doing something positive for your body, mind, and spirit.  See you there!

30:00 of steady work: Sandbag Get Up X 5 each side @ 60#/40# Box Step Up X 25 each leg @ 20″ Tire Drag X 15 meters/10 meters Bar Traverse X length of the pull up rig – monkey bar, commando, however you want. Be creative and mix it up Finish with mobility/yoga.

Cleans: 7 X 1. Advanced do full cleans. Intermediate do Power Clean + Front Squat. Beginners do Hang Power Clean + Front Squat Then… 4 rounds for time of: Run X 200 meters Box Jump X 7 Hand Stand Push Up X 5 – sub is 3 wall climbs

Strength/Skill: 1 Arm Barbell Clean and Jerk 7 X 1 each arm. Find your 1 rep max. Beginners/Intermediates do 1 Arm Dumbbell Clean and Jerk 7 X 1 at challenging yet manageable loads. Then… 4 rounds of: Run X 400 meters Pull Up X 10 Inverted Burpee X 5 We will also be playing around with some balance and mobility work.