Hope for our Future?

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  1. Yes, more legitimate work (that not funded by the very businesses feeding us into an early grave) is needed to understand nutrition. To that end, do not get caught up in anything just because a study by anybody says its right. Remember, it is this research that pushed the Fen Phen craze on us in the 80’s, the high carb low fats systems of the 90’s, and now just released by the FDA another diet pill previously blocked due to insufficient data.

    The answer to your chronic illness, obesity, etc. does not lie at the bottom of a test tube or tucked away in a 100 page dissertation by a panel of nutritionists. It belongs in you taking control of your own life, becoming aware of what you are doing to yourself with the decisions you make, and not being a victim.

    This video eluded to the possibility that many Americans just don’t care. It is an argument I hear daily: “I’d rather eat/do what I want and die a little earlier than eat all those vegetables and live til I’m 100″. I won’t even touch that one at this point. But think about it this way. Let’s say either way you will live to 80. You can either live an active and lucid life or spend those years battling heart attacks, organ failure, immobility, dementia, inability to care for yourself, and losing everything paying for others keep you patched together (stop gapping your previous “enjoyment” lifestyle).

    Sorry for dragging on, Hope it makes you think though. Now go to the gym!

    • Excellent points and insights, Dr J. In many ways this points back to my “Inner Wisdom” post. If we listen to our insights and honor what we hear, we will live out our optimal expression if health, fitness, and well-being.

      And, yes, let’s all head to PR now :)

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