Awareness Creates Opportunity

If you haven’t been reading the Whole Life Challenge message boards, you are really missing some great content, helpful information and stories of the heart.  Good stuff.  If you are in the WLC, I suggest you get over to the PR forum and check it out.  If you are not in the WLC… sorry about ‘cha.  That said, I wanted to share with everyone a short exchange taking place.

Karie posted a really cool insight regarding mindfulness:

“Mindfulness was top of mind for me yesterday. I really didn’t want to work out because of all of the other stressers last night but at 9:50pm I sat and really thought about my day and how it made me feel. at 10pm I then got off my butt and did 4 rounds of 20 squats, 15 push ups, and 25 sit ups. Then I did 15 minutes of stretching and I actually felt like a new person. Slept great and was ready to go this morning. Amazing what focus and mindfulness can do for you!”

Hope also shared a personal experience in the same thread:

“I discovered during my ‘mindfulness’ time this morning that I do not journal well! Actually, I really struggled! I found that journaling is not a ‘happy place’ for me. For all of you that do journal, I applaud you and have a new appreciation for this art!”

Here is my two cents on their experiences and why mindfulness and meditation truly are the best vehicles for lifestyle change and inner transformation:

“Awareness creates opportunity (a quote from my Bridging the Wellness Gap Training Manual… feel free to steal it). When you have awareness, you have an opportunity to make a choice, a conscious decision rather than a reaction which is an unconscious, reactive behavior. Had Karie not been mindful she would not have had the awareness or state of mind to realize just how bad she was feeling. Had she not been aware of this, she would not have been empowered to make a choice to shift out of her funk through movement.

For Hope, the awareness that she struggles with journaling and that it is not a “happy place” presents her with an opportunity for growth and transformation. She gets to choose if she will delve into her resistance to keeping her journal or if she wants to run away from it. That is empowerment as well.

Empowerment is the fuel for true inner, lasting transformation. Many choose to remain asleep or out of touch with what is holding them back in life. It really takes courage and a warrior mentality to do the inner work that leads to optimal wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Put another way – this stuff ain’t for sissies!

Keep up the good work, y’all!”

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