Rounds in 15:00 of: – Deck Squat Burpee X 5 Ring Dips X 5 or Box Dips X 15 Double Under X 25 Then… Tennis ball work on the glutes – fun!! Spend at least 5:00 on each hip.

15 min AMRAP of: – handstand holds x :30 – kb swing x 25 (50/35) – shoulder stretch x :30 sec each arm. Followed by 3 rounds of: -y, t, l x 5 each – :30 n hollow rock – :30superman x 3 rounds

In June, PR Athlete, Brian H. participated in the GORUCK Challenge which was held downtown Indianapolis.  If you are not familiar with the GORUCK Challenge, you can check out their website HERE.  You can also check out this video: After surviving Hell Week at PR Fitness this week, maybe you are up for a bigger challenge and really want see what you are made of.  If so, talk to Brian […]