Strength: Clean and Jerk 5X1. Go heavy, but focus on exceptional form and technique rather than setting a PR. THEN… 5 rounds of: – Mountain Athlete Barbell Complex @ heavy but manageable load. Increase weight each round as needed. – Sandbag Zercher Carry X 100 meters @ 60#/40#

It’s Official!

PR Fitness now has two Apprentice Coaches who will eventually be heading up classes of their very own, including our upcoming kids class.  If you have been at PR for any length of time, you know both of them quite well.  Kelly Rota-Autry and Kelly Wallance, better known as “OG Kelly” and “K-Dub”. OG Kelly has been a student of mine for the past six years.  She started off as […]

5 rounds of: – Deck Squat X 10 – Inverted Burpee (do a Burpee then kick up into handstand) X 10 – Sit Up X 20 – L Sit X :30

For time: – Deadlift X 21 @ 225#/135# – Hindu Push Up X 21 – Run X 400 meters Then 15 of each and 9 of each

Team work tonight…

Snatch Practice. Beginners work on Hang Power Snatch. More advanced, work on Power Snatch or full Snatch. Work up to several heavy singles. Then… Rounds in 12:00 of: – Incline Push Up X 10 (feet on 20″ plyo box) – Overhead Walking Lunge X length of lifting platforms (stall mat area) @ 45#/25# – Weighted Sit Up X 10 @ same load

This past Sunday was our first ever “PR Challenge”.  Eight weeks prior, our Crew completed a workout and posted their benchmark time.  We’ve trained hard over the past two months with a slight bias towards improving our performance for the challenge.  However, we did little “specific” training, sticking close to our typical programming.  This programming ran in conjunction with a 12 week strength cycle, which we started at the first […]

Strength: Overhead Squat 5 X 5 Then… Thruster X 20 @ 75#/45# Double Under X 50 Run X 100 meters Thruster X 15 Double Under X 40 Run X 200 Thruster X 10 Double Under X 30 Run X 300 Thruster X 5 Double Under X 20 Run X 400

4 Rounds of: Turkish Get Up + Windmill X 1 per side @ heavy, yet manageable load. It’s only 1 rep, so really get out of your comfort zone and go heavy as possible. Make it interesting and use your sandbag! Tire Drag X 15 meters for men/10 meters for women Sandbag Run X 50 meters @ 60#/40# Sandbag Burpees Squat Clean X 5 @ same load Sandbag Run X […]

5 Rounds, not for time. All at 75% of Power Clean 1 rep max: – Deadlift X 5 – Power Clean X 5 – Front Squat X 5 Rest 1:00 Then, 1 mile run at moderate pace