Mobility Flow, then… Strength – Week 2 of 5, 3, 1 program. Then 3X3 Single Arm Kettlebell Press. Not max, but heavy. Then 4 rounds of: – Kettlebell Swing – Hard Style X 15 @ 50/35 – KB 2 handed Squat Snatch, Halo each direction in bottom of Squat, Stand X 5 same load – Sprint X 100 meters – Walk back

Warm Up, Mobility, Tennis Ball “Fun” 5 Rounds for time of: – Sumo Deadlift High Pull X 10 @ 95#/65# – Lateral Burpee X 10 – Run X 300 meters 20:00 Time cap. Finish with 3 rounds of: – Y, T, & L’s X 5 @ 2.5# – Plank X :30, Side X :30, Side X :30, Center X :30 – Russian Baby Maker X :30 (Credit to Greg Everett […]

A HUGE “Thank You” to all who attended Saturday’s event and helped us celebrate our 2nd official year in business.  While the roots of PR actually go back several years prior to opening our first space, two years have passed since we signed the lease on our original space on Northfield Drive. We are grateful to all the PR Athletes, past and present, as well as our friends and supporters […]

Strength: 5, 3, 1 Week 2 Back Squats Rest, then, 3 rounds not for time: – Overhead Squat X 15 @ 115#/75# – Weighted Box Step Ups X 5 each @ 35#/20# dumbbells or kettlebells, 24″/20″ box. Heavier if you can – Weighted Bridge w/ Sandbag X 15 @ X 60#/40#, heavier if you can – Strict Toes To Bar X 10. Scale down the movement and/or reps in order […]

Strength – Deadlift. Week 1 of Second 5, 3, 1 cycle. Then… 4 rounds of: – Box Jump X 5 – Push Up X 10 – Double Under X 50

Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 25th, for a Running Clinic at PR Fitness taught by Chris Roche.  This workshop will be beneficial whether you are a recreational runner or a competitive athlete and for those who run short distances or 5K’s all the way up to Ultramarathons.  Those who want to improve their running times during workouts at the gym or simply want to find more comfort, joy, and […]

Snatch Practice – This is practice, so take your time. Work on form and pay close attention to what is going on, what you are doing, what you are feeling. Don’t rush through this or you are selling yourself short. Start with practicing the Snatch grip on the bar and doing “Jump and Shrugs” to set the tone and foundation of the work ahead. Then do the following, taking adequate […]

Week 1 of Cycle 2 begins. Back Squats. Same percentages and rep scheme as the Week 1 Cycle we just completed. Then… 3 Rounds of: – Curtis P X 5 @ 115#/75# = Hang Squat Clean, Lunge, Lunge, Push Press – Hindu Push Up X 10 – Kettlebell Swing (Hard Style) X 15 @ 50#/35#

Split Jerk Practice. Then… 3 Rounds of: Farmer’s carry x gym length (70/50) each arm Sandbag half moon x 10 (60/40) Zercher carry x gym length & back with sandbag Hollow rock & superman x :30 each

Happy Valentines Day. Most workouts will not be posted this week as we are in an unload week. Expect plenty of skill work, auxiliary movements, mobility, and body weight movements this week. This doesn’t mean it’s “easy” and it doesn’t mean you should take the week off. I can’t emphasize enough the necessity for this type of work; it is as important as anything else we do in the gym.