Tomorrow we kick off another round of The Whole30 at PR Fitness.  For those of you participating along with us, be sure to “like” our Facebook page.  There is already a pretty good buzz and exchange of information happening on our Facebook page, plus, you can ask questions, get support, share you challenges and successes.  I would also suggest that you “like” The Whole9 Facebook page and their Whole30 Facebook […]

Only 2 spots left for the Kettlebell Clinic on January 15th.  Contact me TODAY if you want a spot.  It will sell out by next week.  Also, we are starting our next round of The Whole30, January 1st.  If you are “all in” and want to join in the fun, contact me today ([email protected]). Lots of GREAT and EXCITING things coming to PR in 2012.  Be a part of the […]

Rounds and Reps in 20:00 of: – Walk Walk Up X 4 – Pull Up X 8 – Box Jump X 12

Push Up X 100 Sit Up X 100 Kettlebell Swing X 100 @ 50#/35# (RKC Standard) Run 1 mile

Watch this video and then tell me you are too old to train with us at PR Fitness or tell me you are too old to train hard!  Or, better still, watch this video, get fired up and call us today.  Those of you already training with us – watch this video and get ready to step up your game!

From the CrossFit Mainsite on 27 Dec 11: For time, 5 rounds of: Deadlift X 9 @ 135#/95# Hang Power Snatch X 6 @ same load Overhead Squat X 3 @ same load

Strength: Strict Press Then… 4 Rounds of: Deadlift x 10 (95/65) lateral burpee x 5 wall ball x 10 pull up x 5

After an “unload” week, the WOD posting AND the intensity returns. Overhead Squat 5 X 3 Then… Rounds in 12:00 of – – Power Clean X 15 @ 95#/65# – Double Under X 30

A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who participated in Sunday’s Holiday workout/Fundraiser.  Not only did we have a great time with the team workout and hanging out with a surprise visit from Jamo, we also raised $640 for the Livingston Fund!  Your generosity is GREATLY appreciated.  “Thanks” also to those who could not attend, yet brought in a donation as well.  This PR Fitness community ROCKS! If you would like […]

Ever wonder what the perfect bottom squat position looks like? What should your position be when you receive the bar in the Snatch? Grab the nearest kid, give ‘em a PVC pipe and ask ‘em to show you. Below, Alexa schools the grown ups on how it’s done…