Reminder:  There is no 6:30pm class this evening.  All other classes are on, as scheduled.  Join us for a scary-good workout before heading out to trick or treat!

It was way more fun than listed here and much more “scary”, but for those who couldn’t be there, here you go! Run 800 meters Air Squat X 80 Sit Up X 60 Push Up X 40 Pull Up X20 Run 400 meters

We followed this with… 19 Oct 11. We followed this with 3 rounds of: Bench Press 5 X 5 Then a short MetCon to follow.

Below is a (lengthy) post that I wrote for one of my former blogs.  When we recently ran a 5K at the gym, several of our athletes busted out the iPod and I was asked if it was “ok”.  My response was “no”, but left it to personal choice.  Rather than go into explaining why I’m not a fan of plugging in during a run, I promised to share the […]

Dear PR Athletes.  For the time being, workouts will be posted a day late on our “members page”, rather than the day of.  If you train off site, this will allow you to follow the workouts a day behind, or you can always go into the archives to pick up a workout. I’ve gone back and forth on this since we started.  On the one hand, I know its exciting […]

The “Gym Jone’s” Original “300″ workout: Pullups X 25 Barbell Deadlift X 50 @ 135#/95# Pushups X 50 Box Jumps X 50 @ 24″/20″ Floor Wipers X 50 @ 135#/95# 1 Arm Clean-and-Press X 25 each arm @ 35#/20# Pullups X 25 reps

Hey Gang, Check out who’s coming to PR Fitness on May 12, 2012, for one of his highly sought after mobility and bodyweight seminars!  That’s right, the legendary Steve Maxwell.  While very few in the mainstream fitness world have ever heard of Coach Maxwell, anyone who knows anything about REAL fitness and health knows A LOT about this guy. Steve Maxwell has a deep history with the grappling sports and […]

4 rounds for time •Hang squat clean x 5 (135#/95#) •Burpee x 15 •Sledgehammer x 30 (16#/8#) Core & rope work: 3 rounds not for time •Star tucks x 10 •Weighted sit up x 10 (45#/25#) •Plank hip drops x 20 3 rope climbs to be done any time during core work (sub 5 strict pull ups & 10 knees to elbows for each climb)

Weighted Strict Pull Up or Chin Up 3, 3, 2, 1, 1 If not adding weight, do 5X5 Then… 5 rounds of: – Overhead walking lunge X 6 each leg @ 45#/25# – Barbell Row X 9 @ 95#/65# – Kettlebell Swing X 12 @ 50#/35#