Sorry for the late post! 5 rounds for time: Thruster x 7 (95#/65#) Double under x 20 Sit up x 10

Reminder of this weekends events at PR Fitness: Saturday – NO CrossPit class at 8am.  Instead, join us as we participate in the Motorsports open house from 10am-2pm.  Free workouts at 10, 11, 12, and 1!  Bring your friends, family, spouse, neighbors, grab people off the street and drag them in to see what real world fitness and training is all about! Sunday – 3rd annual Eagle Creek Trail Run […]

Skillz – Kettlebell Work: RKC “Hard-Style” Swing/Clean/Press/Snatch WOD: 3 round Kettlbell Complex – not for time, just work hard and consistent – 2 handed swing X 10 1 hand swing X 10 each Hand to hand swing X 10 each Clean X 5 each side Press X 5 each side Snatch X 5 each side Goblet Squat X 5 Rest 1:00 26 May 11 4 Rounds, not for Time of: […]

Tuesday night was a bittersweet session at PR Fitness.  While the workout was another Coach D killer, it was also Julie “Pigtails” Elam’s last workout at PR before moving to Kentucky.  Julie has been a dedicated athlete at PR Fitness for the past year and has seen tremendous gains in her health, fitness and well-being – including completing her first full marathon last fall!  She is well-known around the gym […]

Death by Clean and Jerk @ 135#/95# 3, 2, 1, go – do 1 Clean and Jerk. Put the bar down and rest for the remainder of the minute. At the start of the next minute, complete 2 Clean and Jerks; rest remainder of the minute. At the start of the third minute, do 3 Clean and Jerks, rest remainder of minute. Proceed until you can no longer complete the […]

CrossFit Bench Mark WOD – “Nancy” 5 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters Overhead Squat X 15 @ 95#/65#

Another PR Fitness Success Story and personal record (PR).  Click HERE to check it out, or go directly to: Wednesday night at PR Fitness was a “burpee clinic”, aka “A Million and One Ways to do a Burpee”.  The session was inspired by Chris’ new found friend and fellow physical culture geek, Chip Conrad of Bodytribe Fitness.  In the video clip below, which comes from one of Bodytribes DVD’s […]

5 Rounds for time of: Front Squat X 5 @ max loads Max rep chest to deck push ups Score = time required to complete the workout as well as total amount of weight lifted on all five rounds and total number of push ups completed. Example, lets say it takes you 12:00 to complete the workout, that is your time score. If you lift 100 pounds on all 5 […]

Check out today’s post on the PR Fitness Blog, “Success Story”.  Click HERE or go directly to,

Burpee Clinic, aka, “A million and one ways to do burpees!” Rest, then… 3 rounds for time of: Alternating Pistol Squat X 5 each leg Run X 200 meters Knees to Elbows X 10 Handstand Push Up X 5 Sit Up X 15