7 rounds of 3:00 each: Deadlift X 3 (max load possible) Kettlebell Snatch X 6 @ 50#/35# Burpee X 9 Rest remainder of round

Joe and I are hitting the road to St. Paul Minnesota until Monday evening.  Gonna do our best to impress the “Evil Russian”, Pavel Tsatsouline, enough to obtain our RKC Kettlebell Instructor certification.  I hope to keep you updated on our trip via Facebook and/or the PR Fitness site and blog.  Say your prayers for us and send lots of energy our way – we are gonna need it!

21, 15, 9 reps of: Hang Squat Clean @ 95#/65# Pull Up Kettlebell Swing @ 50#/35# Rest, then… 3 rounds of: Forearm Plank X 1:00 Side Plank to the right X :30 Side Plank to the left X :30 Hollow Rock X 1:00

Old School Strong… Turkish Get Up. Advanced athletes work up to 1 rep max. Give it a shot with a barbell! 1 Arm Barbell Snatch. Advanced athletes work up to 1 rep max Barbell Windmill. Advanced athletes work up to 1 rep max Rest, then… 3 Rounds for time of: Air Squat X 30 Push Up X 30 Rope Climb X 15′

How to ensure you stay away from too many Easter treats?

2011 CrossFit Games Open Qualifier WOD #5. In order to compete in the CrossFit Games this year, athletes must first qualify for the regional competition via a series of 6 WODs, posted weekly, over the course of 6 weeks. The top athletes move on to the regionals and a shot at going to the 2011 Games in July. The below workout is the Week 5 WOD. Once you complete the […]

Rounds in 5:00 X 7 rounds: Power cleans x 3 (max load) Pistol squat x 4 Dead stop burpee x 5 Run 200 m with sandbag (60#/40#)

Wow – some outstanding workouts this week at PR Fitness, eh?  Even better, some pretty amazing athletes knocking them outta the park!  Hope you guys are FINALLY getting your fill of tires… I’m guessing not.  More to come in the near future. I want to thank everyone in the Wednesday night class for not only doing an amazing job on the workout, but also for the positive attitude and willingness […]

Deadlift X 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Rest, then… 5 Rounds, not for time, just work hard: Hindu Push Up X 20 Goblet Squat, hold in the bottom and perform 5 “Sotts Presses”, then stand X 10 @ 35#/20# Windmill X 3 each 50#/35#