Starting today: Monday 9:30-10:30am class with Coach D Amanda is supervising in the “Kids Lounge” every Monday during the 5:30-6:30pm class.  Remember, you are still responsible for your kid(s), any messes they make, helping to clean up the kids room after class, changing diapers, etc.  Amanda is there to supervise and make sure our kiddos are all safe.  If your little ones need you, are upset, and so forth, Amanda […]

Warm up and Hip Mobility Work for 10:00, then: Overhead Squat X 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Rest 8:00-10:00, then: 3 rounds, not for time: Sandbag “Keg Lift” @ 5 each side @ 60#/40# Y’s, T’s, & L’s X 5 @ 2.5# PVC Shoulder Passthroughs X 10 each direction, close grip as possible.

If you missed today’s Olympic Weightlifting Clinic at PR Fitness, you missed a FANTASTIC learning experience.  Senior Weightlifting Coach, Bryan Neese, was great at breaking down these complex lifts into easy to learn segments and then put it all together.  Today’s focus was on the Power Clean and Power Snatch.  Don’t miss his next visit where he will progress us to the full Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Stay tuned […]

Wednesday, we honored fallen IMPD Officer David Moore.  The workout was challenging, but all of our athletes made their best effort, never complained and REALLY put their hearts into it.  I was moved and proud of our athletes and how they honored and showed respect for Officer Moore.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his fellow officers and a community that lost a great guardian.

3 Rounds for Time of: Sandbag Get Up X 3 (each side) @ 80#/60# Sandbag Squat Clean X 6 @ same load Pull Up X 9 Kettlebell American Swing X 12 @ 70#/50# (hey, I had to put that new 70 pounder in a WOD… right?) Sting in the Tail to follow…

“Anti-dusting agent”?  Really?  Who even knows what that is?  Another reason you should follow the rule: “If it comes from a box, a can, or through a window – don’t eat it!” Class action suit casts shadow on Taco Bell’s beef menu.

In Honor of Officer David Moore, killed in the line of duty while serving his community. 5 rounds for time of: Sumo Deadlift X 5 @ 225#/135# Push Up X 30 Remember, rule #1 when doing a WOD in honor of a fallen serviceman/woman, police, fire or rescue personnel – NO WHINING!!!! Trust me, you are going to want to cry like a baby in this workout. Save your tears […]

Every minute on the minute for 15:00 Thruster X 3 – max loads possible on each set. Really challenge yourself in terms of how much weight you use; this should be very heavy such that 3 reps is very difficult to manage, yet you maintain quality form. Rest 8:00-10:00, then… Kettlebell Complex X 3 rounds, not for time: Floor Press, into Turkish Get Up to Standing Windmill Turkish Get up, […]

The Godfather of Modern Fitness is dead. RIP, Jack LaLanne. In his honor, check out an archived post from my Bridging the Wellness Gap blog – click HERE. Tonight’s workout will be in honor of Jack LaLanne, who is a true hero and pioneer of the modern health and fitness culture.

In honor of Jack LaLanne – Rounds in 20:00 of: Pull Up X 12 Hang Power Clean X 12 @ 115#/75# Push Press X 12 @ same load Box Jump X 12 @ 24″/20″ Overhead Walking Lunge X 12 steps @ 45#/25# Dead Stop Burpee X 12 Kettlebell Swing X 12 @ 50#/35# Sit Up X 12 8 exercises, 12 reps each = 96 reps per round, the age of […]