PR Fitness Continuing Education Series Kicks Off: Over the past few months, Coach Richard, Corbin, and I have been working on details for an ongoing series of workshops and clinics that will be offered on a regular basis at PR Fitness.  This series will be like nothing offered ANYWHERE in the Indy area and it’s coming to your gym! I’m very excited to announce our first clinic: Olympic Weightlifting with […]

Another gym record set at PR Fitness this morning… Earlier today, Coach Richard raised the bar on the Weighted Chin Up at 100#!!!  Yeah, that’s only, like, 50# over my best!!  Nice work, Coach! Important announcement coming tomorrow – Be sure to come back then!!

Rounds in 20:00 Pull Up X 5 Kettlebell Snatch X 5 each @ 50#/35# This will be a deceptively tough 20:00 couplet, especially if you do Kipping Pull Ups, making both movements VERY metabolic. The good news: after all the lower body punishment this week, the legs are getting a break today. Hit most or all of the classes so far this week? Feeling pooped? Git yo butt on the […]

Hey Boys and Girls – sorry that, once again, this post is soooo late. Warm Up/Mobility Work, then… 5 Rounds for time of: Overhead Squat X 5 @ 115#/65# Burpee X 10 Double Under X 20 Rest 5:00-10:00, then… 3 rounds, not for time: Sandbag Bridge/Glute Raise X 10 @ 40#/60# Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift X 5 @ 50#-70/35#-50# Hollow Rock X 20 Plow Pose X :30. If you cannot achieve […]

10 rounds of – every 2 minutes, on the 2 minutes: Hang Power Clean X 3 @ 135#/95# Kettlebell Swing X 10 @ 50#/35# Hindu Push Up X 5 Air Squat X 10 Rest remainder of 2 minutes Rest – 3 rounds, not for time of: Super(wo)man to V Up X 10 Windmill X 5 each side @ 35#-50#/20#-35# Toes to Bar X 10

Last chance registration window is open for BTWG – click HERE for details. Welcome back from our after-the-holiday break.  I don’t know about you, but I’m REALLY ready to get back to “normal”, whatever that means. The schedule at PR Fitness will be the normal schedule all week!  So, if you are off work on Friday, join us for a workout at Coach D’s 9:30am class. Chris on Fox News […]

Today’s session is gym-based stamina. Do your best to get through the workout with the prescribed weights and reps. However, scale the loads if needed. Newer Athletes should only do the “even” rounds, i.e. 14, 12, 10…2. There is a 45:00 time cap on this workout. If you do not finish before the cutoff time, don’t take it as a “bad” thing or a reflection on you. Whether you finish […]

How does a PR Fitness Athlete go about clearing snow from the drive and sidewalk?  Click HERE to find out…

6 Rounds: Sandbag Get Up X 5 each side @ 80#/60# Sandbag Zercher Walk – length of the gym X 2 @ same load Stairs X 2 trips – unloaded Single Leg Deadlift w/Kettlebell X 5 each leg @ 50#-70#/30#-40# 10′ Wall Ball Shot X 10 @ 20#/14#

Every 2 minutes, on the 2 minutes, for 12 minutes complete: Clean and Jerk X 2 – max loads possible. Increase weight during the rest phase, as appropriate. Go heavy, but do NOT make the mistake of going so heavy you cannot complete both reps in each set. The rule still stand that no PR Fitness Athlete should do a 1 rep max on any lift until further notice. This […]