For Time: Move PR Fitness… Otherwise: Run – 8 X 400 meters with 2:00 rest between.  Hold the fastest pace possible on each round.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time Thruster  – 85#/45# Double under KB swing – 50#/35# Check back tonight for the Workout of the Weekend…

Something Different.  Rather than doing the following in “circuit” style, do them as straight sets; meaning you do a set of the exercise, rest for 30 – 60 seconds, then do another set until all the prescribed sets are completed.  This workout should be performed at a steady pace, no rushing, be mindful, go heavy.  It’s a grind that may take you most of the hour to complete… Weighted Pull […]

30/30 X – Do the following movements for :30 of work, :30 of rest.  Complete 5 rounds of each before moving on to the next.  Score = total number of reps completed. Deadlift – 225#/135# Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder Press – 60#/40# Weighted Sit Up – 45#/25# Kettlebell Snatch – 50#/35# Rest 5:00 Core and Skill work to follow… Contest Winner: Wow, you all are a bunch of nit-picking *#@!… […]

For time: Run X 300 meters Walking Lunges X 30 (total) Push Up X 30 Box Jump X 30 – 24″/20″ Sumo Deadlift High Pull X 30 – 50#/35# Double Under X 30 Run X 300 meters Kettlebell Swing X 30 – 50#/35# Burpee X 30 Knees to Elbows X 30 Sit Up X 30 Air Squat X 30 Run X 300 meters

“Walk, Don’t Run”… Click HERE to read more. 5 Rounds for Time: Power Snatch + Overhead Squat X 3 – 135#/95# Box Jump X 5 – 24″/20″ Run 400 meters

Workout of the Weekend: Warm up as appropriate, then… 5 Rounds for time: Walking Lunge X 10 steps each leg Bounding Burpee X 5 Sprint X 100 meters Rest 5:00, then… 3 Rounds, not for time: Hollow Rock X :30 Superman X :30 Side Plank X :30 each side Mobility: Spend time in Yoga Squat today.  Be creative – squat to pick things up off the floor/ground.  Squat to clean […]

Be sure to check back this evening for the Workout of the Weekend, or the “WOW” as it’s been re-named by the PR Fitness athletes. Skillz and Drillz: Overhead practice – Press, Push Press, Jerk Rest 5-10:00, then complete max rounds in 12:00 of: Box Jump X 10 – 24″/20″ Sumo Deadlift High Pull – 65#/45# Rest 5:00, then 3 rounds, not for time: Kettlebell Windmill X 5 each side […]

Skill work: Pistol Squat 21, 15, 9 reps for time: Kettlebell or Dumbbell Thrusters – 35#/20# Burpee (chest to ground) “Taming the Beast” – Pistol Squat with a 48kg kettlebell – that’s 106# to you and me!

Warm Up/Mobility: Sandbag Get Up X 10:00 Strength/Power: 5 rounds (not for time) – Squat Clean X 5 + Jump Squat X 10 – go heavy on the Squat Clean.  Jump as high and fast as you can on the Jump Squat.  If you don’t have Squat Cleans, perform a Power Clean + Front Squat Pigeon Stretch X :30 each leg Rest 5:00, then – Rounds in 12:00 – Double […]