WOD: 1:00 station, 5 stations, 3 rounds.  1:00 rest between rounds. Box Jump – Men @ 24″ Sit Up Double Under Handstand Push Up or progressions Shuttle Run – 10 meters, must touch the line! Score = total number of reps completed in all 3 rounds Skillz and Drillz: Rope climb Rings practice

Proper footwear is essential for optimal running biomechanics and performance.  This is a central topic in all of my running workshops and coaching sessions.  Check out this article, which was forwarded to me by PR Fitness coach, Richard Stent.  Click HERE to read more. Sorry, guys – blame this one on Coach D.  She’s freshly back from vacation… with a vengeance! Warm up: As appropriate WOD: 5 rounds for time […]

Warm Up/Mobility: As appropriate Skillz and Drillz: Double Under practice – last week to get in your 50 unbroken double unders and watch Chris do 50 burpees. WOD (appeared on the CrossFit main site 21 June 10): 5 rounds for time of – 45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet 21 Burpees Scale as needed. Click HERE for video demo. Happy Belated Birthday to PR Fitness Coach, Richard… He’s […]

WOD – 3 rounds for time of: Double Under X 20 Sand Bag Squat X 3 – Men @ 80#, Women @ 60# Sand Bag Run X 50 meters – same load Box Jumps X 10 Push Ups X 20 Sit Ups X 20

Warm Up: 5:00 Turkish Get Up 5:00 Box Step Up Stretching/Mobility WOD: CrossFit standard – “Nicole”.  Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of: Run 400 meters Max reps pull ups – set terminates when you come off of the bar Note number of pull ups completed in each set Recover 10:00, then… CrossFit Endurance series – 3 Rounds of: Hollow Rocks X 1:00 :30s rest Supermans X 1:00 […]

If you couldn’t make it to Monday evenings session (or chickened out!), you missed a great opportunity to test your limits.  While I know a few did this workout at home, rather than coming to the gym, it just ain’t the same as doing a group run.  Nothing makes you a better runner than running in a group.  In addition, I did the 5K before class and rode my bike […]

Bring the ole running shoes for this one gang… WOD: Run 5K for time. Beginners run (or walk) 1 mile for time. Skillz and Drillz: Open gym for remainder of time to work on lifts, weakness(es), or other skills.

New PR Fitness WOD, in honor of Coach D’s birthday today. “Danielle” – for time: Run 800 meters, then… 5 rounds of 6 Pull Ups 18 Kettlebell Swings – Men @ 50#, Women @ 35# 6 Box Jumps – Men @ 24″, Women @ 20″ 18 Sit Ups After all 5 rounds are complete, finish with another 800 meter run. Happy Birthday, Danielle!

Wednesday evening was a solid hour of PR’s (personal records) at PR Fitness.  Jeff increased his deadlift by 10 pounds, Kelly pulled a 1RM deadlift of 215 (chasing Vanessa’s 225 gym record).  Everyone made huge efforts and the results on the whiteboard showed the fruits of their labors.  Congrats to everyone and to those who set their benchmarks!  Also, welcome to Betty – glad to have you on board at […]

Warm Up: 3 rounds, not for time – Box Step Ups X 10 each leg Push Up X 5 Sit Up X 15 Yoga Squat Stretch into Pigeon Stretch – holding each for only 5 seconds each, or less.  It’s more about mobility than static stretching. Skillz and Drillz: Open gym time after you complete the WOD – work on weakness(es) and/or things you have not done before WOD: “Totals” […]