Thanks to all who attended Saturday’s 2nd Annual Memorial Day Run for the Wounded Warriors.  Tomorrow promises to be a very special session at PR Fitness. The one we honor in Sunday’s workout – Sgt. Major Robert “RJ” Cottle.  LAPD SWAT officer/US Marine Reservist who was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on March 24, 2010.  Robert was a cousin to Jeff Hertko, whose wife, Joyce, has been my yoga […]

Warm Up: 1 min box step ups 2 push ups 1 min BSU 4 PU 1 min BSU 6 PU 1 min BSU 8 PU 1 min BSU 10 PU Workout: 5 rounds for time of – Overhead squat x 10 Men @ 95#, Women @ 65# Box jump x 10 – Men @ 24″, Women @ 20″ Pull up x 10 400 m run Thursday – an evening of […]

Warm Up/Mobility: Your choice Workout: Deadlift – 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 1 – Rest 2:00 between efforts Rest 10:00, then… 3 rounds of – :30 L-Sit :30 Weighted Sit Ups – Men @ 45#, Women @ 25# :30 Russian Twist – same weight

Warm Up/Mobility: Your choice Workout: 5 rounds for time of – “Curtis P” X 5 – Men @ 95#, Women @ 65# Lateral Burpee X 10 1 round of Curtis P (courtesy of “Mountain Athlete”) = Hang Squat Clean, Lunge, Lunge, Push Press Here’s how it goes – do 5 rounds of the Curtis P, set your bar down do a burpee and lateral jump over your bar, repeat for […]

Endurance Workout: 5 X 800 meters with double the recovery between efforts.  This means you run 800 meters, if it takes your 2:00 to complete, you rest 4:00.  25 burpee penalty if your time deviates more than :15 between efforts. Post times to “comments”

Warm up/Mobility: Run 400 meters Air squat X 10 Burpee X 3 Shoulder Passthrough with PVC X 10 each direction Yoga squat Frog Stretch Pigeon Lunge Skillz and Drillz: One arm Snatch – work up to as heavy as you can manage with good form.  In class, we will start with dumbbells and kettlebells.  Advanced athlete’s will also practice with an Olympic bar. Workout: 4 rounds for time Weighted Step […]

Warm Up: as appropriate Skills & Drills: Handstand push up progression Workout: 70 Burpees 60 Sit Ups 50 Kettlebell Swings 40 Pull ups 30 Handstand Push Ups Core work: Slicers Sandbag Half Moons Plank variations More, “scenes from the week” coming tomorrow!  Be sure to check it out…

Most of today’s session will encompass skill training on the Kettlebell/Dumbbell “Turkish Get Up”, “Pistol Squat” and the “Single Leg Deadlift”.  For the past several months, we have really been hammering the Work Capacity, Endurance, and Stamina.  Many of our athlete’s have recently completed not one, but two half marathons back-to-back.  In the upcoming weeks we will be shifting our focus to strength and skills.  No worries, though, we will […]

Sorry for the last post, gang!  Here you go… Warm up/Mobility Workout: One the minute, every minute for 10 minutes, unless you cannot complete the set in time – Front Squat X 3 – Men @ 135#, Women @ 95# (or 50% of your 1RM) Rest 5:00, then… One the minute, every minute for 10 minutes, unless you cannot complete the set in time – Deadlift X 1 – Men […]

Workout:Run 12:00 time trial.  All out efforts.  Post distance to “comments”. In case you missed it,click HERE to check out Coach Danielle’s big TV debut.  I couldn’t get it to embed here, so I posted it on our blog…