Wednesday’s workout was super-challenging.  I knew it was going to be tough when I wrote it up, but it seemed even harder in action.  Richard (PR Fitness Coach) made it look easy by finishing in just over 25:00 with only minor scaling to accommodate a shoulder injury. We also had a chance to put our new bumper plates into action – 10 sets of 10# bumpers, fresh from Rogue Fitness […]

Warm up/Mobility For time: Run 800 meters – Then three rounds of the following: Box jump burpee X 10 – Men @ 24″, Women @ 20″ Sumo deadlift high pull X 20 – Men @ 95#, Women @ 65# Overhead walking lunge X 10 steps each leg – Men @ 45# plate, Women @ 25# plate Kettlebell swings X 20 – Men @ 50#, Women @ 35# Knees to elbows […]

Everyone did a great job on the CrossFit Hero WOD, “DT”, Monday evening.  I was really proud of the effort and intensity put out and the fact that several stepped up to a weight that really challenged them.  As with all the CrossFit Hero WOD’s, DT is no joke; a very difficult workout. On a personal note, I didn’t think I had ever done DT until I got home tonight […]

Warm Up: 10:00 of – Sandbag get up X 5 – Men @ 60#, Women @ 40# Run 200 meters Shoulder pass-through with PVC pipe X 10 each direction Workout: 5 rounds for time of – Deadlift X 12 Hang power clean X 9 Push jerk X 6 Men @ 155#, Women @ 105# This workout is a CrossFit benchmark workout known as “DT”.  DT is a CrossFit “Hero” WOD […]

Danielle’s 9:30am bootcamp, rest, or make up missed workouts as appropriate. Consider the “Primal Blueprint” food pyramid, from Mark Sisson, and post thoughts to “comments”.  Click image to enlarge: “Welcome” to new PR Fitness members – Melissa, Michelle, Sunny, Julie!  Glad to have you on board. Scenes from the week:

Warm up/Stretch/Mobility Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of – Pull up X 5 Push up X 10 Air Squat X 15 In CrossFit, this workout is known as “Cindy”.  While it’s easy to get caught up in the “race” of this workout, especially for advanced athlete’s, be certain to maintain the standards for range of motion on each rep, or it DOES NOT COUNT!  Here are […]

Warm up/Stretch/Mobility For time, do 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of: Clean and Jerk – Men @ 135#, Women @ 95# (can do split jerk, or power position, it’s up to you) Box Jump – Men @ 24″, Women @ 20″ Scaling Options: Reduce the load to a manageable weight Do 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps of each

“In the past couple weeks I’ve posted several videos at our main site (, if you haven’t already watched them, do so!  It will be well worth your time and if nothing else, will get you thinking about how you eat, everything you’ve been taught about nutrition and everything you “thought” you knew about diet”… Click HERE to read more Run Workout: 30:20X8 – All Out Efforts Go as hard […]

Warm up: 5:oo sandbag get up – Men @ 60#, Women @ 40# Three rounds (not for time) of Air Squat X 10, sprint 100 meters, walk 100 meters, scarecrow X 5 (use 2.5# weights on scarecrow’s) Workout: 3 rounds for time of – Run 400 meters Kettlebell or dumbbell swing X 21 – Men @ 50#, Women @ 35# Pull up X 12 The above circuit is a workout […]

Danielle’s bootcamp, recovery day, or make up missed workouts as appropriate. The real deal?  Are we missing something in our training/movement? –