Warm up: 10:00 box step ups Stretch/Mobility Skillz and Drillz: Zercher Squat practice (see video below).  This a new exercise for most PR Fitness athlete’s so take it slow.  Remember – form and technique first, intensity later. 5 rounds, not for time: Zercher Squat X 5 – can increase weight as needed so that 5 reps are hard yet manageable Handstand hold X :30 (stronger athletes should work on handstand […]

Modified Tabata Interval session: Run 8 rounds of 30 seconds on 10 seconds off.  All out efforts during the “on”, full rest during the “off” Post thoughts to “comments” Scenes from Monday night:

Warm up: 4 rounds of Mountain Athlete’s Barbell Complex – 1 round = 6 reps each of dead lift, bent over row, hang power clean, front squat, push press, back squat and push ups.  Increase weight each round, if possible; make it heavy, yet manageable.  This is NOT FOR TIME, it’s a warm up, so don’t rush through it.  Do 10 shoulder pass through with PVC between each round of […]

Rest day, or do Danielle’s 9:30am bootcamp.  Make up missed workouts as appropriate. Indy Mini training athlete’s – REST, rest, rest today.  Be ready for tomorrow’s endurance run at Eagle Creek. “Chris– just wanted to tell you thanks for the killer workout tonight.  I am looking forward too seeing my endurance and performance improve.  Such a great opportunity that I am glad to be a part of each week!!” – […]

Warm up/Stretch/Mobility – your choice today, just be sure your are well prepared for what’s ahead. “Old School CrossFit WOD”.  The first time I saw this posted at the CrossFit mainsite was dated April 4th, 2004, that’s pretty “old school” as far as CrossFit goes.  Enjoy! For time: Run 1,200 meters Hang Squat Clean 95 pounds (Women at 65#), 21 reps Run 800 meters Hang squat clean, 95 pounds, 15 […]

Warm up: 10:00 Sandbag get up Workout: I’ve titled this one “Death from Above”.  After 20:00, you will know why… Overhead Squat practice.  Experienced athlete’s work up to 1 rep max (RM) Rest 5:00, then – As Many Rounds As Possible in 20:00 of – Overhead Squat X 5 – Men @ 85% of your 1 RM Box Jump X 10 – Men @ 24″, Women @ 20″ Sit Up […]

Indy Mini Training Athletes: Yoga, dedicated stretching session, self care/massage – your call. Optional: 2 mile easy run or 20:00 of other cardio activity at low intensity. All others: Run 20:00 time trial.  All out effort.  Post distance to “comments”

Warm up: 10:00 of Mountain Athlete’s “Mobility Complex”.  Done with a kettlebell or dumbbell.  Keep it moderate to light (35# or less) – 5x Swings 5x Goblet Squats 5x Swing to Goblet Squat 5x 1-Arm Clean + Squat Right Hand 5x 1-Arm Clean + Squat Left Hand 5x 1-Arm Clean + Squat + Thruster Right Hand 5x 1-Arm Clean + Squat + Thruster Left Hand 5x 1-Arm Clean + Squat […]

Recovery day, or attend Danielle’s bootcamp.  Make up missed sessions if appropriate. Scene’s from Danielle’s bootcamp class last week: Scene from Thursday evening’s session:

Great job on “Murhp” everyone.  Welcome to our newest members, you picked a great night to join us; intense workout, St. Patrick’s Day and a Hero WOD – no better way to get started at PR Fitness. Warm up Skillz and Drillz Prior to class we will have some special, well earned “fun”. WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of Thrusters – Men @ 115#, Women @ 75# Box jumps Shots from Wednesday’s […]