Recovery Day for Indy Mini Training PR Fitness Athletes WOD: 3 Rounds for Time of – Pull Up X 5 95# Sumo Dead Lift High Pull X 10 (scale weight as needed) 95# Push Press X 5 (scale weight as needed) Post loads and times to “comments”

Indy Mini Training Beginners: Do the assigned workout emailed to you. PR Fitness Athletes – CrossFit Endurance WOD: All out efforts: 3 Rounds, 2 Min total rest between rounds 30sec on 30 off, 30 sec on 25 off, 30 sec on 20 off, 30 sec on 15 off, 30 sec on 10 off 30 sec on 5 off, 30 sec on Rest!

Skillz and Drillz: Intro to the Snatch – Yup, Olympic lift week at PR Fitness! WOD: In this WOD pick a weight that you can manage for all 4 exercises for all 5 rounds.  For example, use a pair of 40# dumbbells and do your Renegade (Wo)Man Makers, then take one (or both, if possible) of your DB’s with you for the Overhead Lunge, then Swing the DB (both if […]

Rest Day for PR Fitness Athletes Indy Mini Training Group: Beginners – do the assigned workout emailed to you Intermediate do 15, 12, 9 reps / Advanced 21, 15, 9 reps of Dead Lift – Load equal to your body weight (scale back as needed) Burpee Post loads and times to “comments” Check out this video.  Thursday nights WOD?

Run 5K for time.  Post times to “comments” Tonight’s WOD (Monday) incorporated one of the most challenging lifts around, an Olympic lift known as the “Clean and Jerk”.  I say it is one of the most challenging lifts as it requires a high degree of skill, timing, coordination, strength, power, and more.  Yet, if you are willing to invest the time in your technique and really practice this movement, the […]

WOD:  This was posted on the CrossFit main site last week.  I did it earlier today – good “clean” fun… not! 3 rounds for time of: Clean and Jerk X 10 – Men @ 95#  Women @ 65# (CF main site had this at 135#, I’ve scaled, yet feel free to scale as needed) Sit Ups X 30 Post loads and times to “comments”

No WOD posted today.  Indy Mini Training at PR Fitness starts today. New classes and rate options starting February 1st.  Please click on the “classes/schedule” and “rates” to check out what’s new. Danielle’s BOOTCAMP starts Friday February 5th 9:30-10:30am New Wednesday evening class starts February 3rd Monthly Unlimited option at only $85 per month Discounts for Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, Teachers (K-12), and Students (High School through College Undergraduate) at […]

Run:  Crossfit Endurance WOD ( 5:00 all out Recover 2:30 6:00 all out Recover 3:00 7:00 all out Done

In class, this first portion will be a team evolution with 3 people per team.  If doing this part of the evolution on your own, take 1:00 rest after completing both lifts. 3 rounds of Heavy Front Squat X 5 Heavy Power Clean X 5 Rest Here’s how it goes: First person steps to front squat  bar and completes 5 heavy front squats, drops the bar, and steps to power […]

Rest Day. Fuels my motivation to train during this Indiana winter, how ’bout you?